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CRIMP Defined




Best software for visually diagramming a series of martial art strategies?

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Posted by digeratus
Jan 25, 2023 at 12:28 AM


Yeah, good points! I was just thinking that it would help me, as an amateur athlete, to think through my options. I’d then also be able to systematically practice the sequences, see which ones I was less comfortable with, identify possibilities for improvement, etc.

A complex software representation of this is not at all necessary, as so many masters for so many generations have been amazing without anything like that.

But if it wasn’t a huge amount of work to build something simple and illuminating, I was thinking, it would be kind of cool. But I don’t want to be in the position of spending way more time tinkering with the software than the actual sport… :-)

MadaboutDana wrote:
Heh, I didn’t want to discourage you, sorry! But on the other hand,
>maybe you need to define exactly what you want this tool for? Is it for
>learning? Reminding? Giving an already experienced practitioner choices?
>The appropriate tool could depend on precisely how you’re going to use
> >digeratus wrote:
>Well this is sounding increasingly like I should just go with pen and
>>paper :D