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Best software for visually diagramming a series of martial art strategies?

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Posted by digeratus
Jan 23, 2023 at 11:20 PM


Well this is sounding increasingly like I should just go with pen and paper :D

MadaboutDana wrote:
I think we can safely say that this software is going to demand a lot of
>time however you do it.
> >One important point: There’s no way of automatically creating this
>– you’ll have to set up the pathways manually. And before you
>can create the visual multi-map, you’ll have to create flowcharts
>analysing the various positions and how you would flow from one to
> >Exactly how you do this may depend on the way your mind works. For
>example, I can see that it might be viable to use 3D modelling software
>to depict the situations (this approach is used in several martial arts
>app in Apple’s App Store). I guess you’d have to set up your figures to
>respond to certain movements/situations in specific ways, which would
>involve an awful lot of programming. On the other hand, once you had
>programmed in a suitable set of responses, I guess you could then
>(semi-)automate some at least of the pathways.
> >The value of this approach remains doubtful, however: Whenever I look at
>martial arts apps that use software-generated figures, it’s immediately
>obvious that they’re not a realistic basis for learning, because they’re
>not constrained by the standard physical issues that limit human
>movement. Above all, they don’t show you the often very subtle shifts of
>balance and positioning required to perform certain movements (judo
>throws, for example, or any number of jiu jitsu holds and counters, or
>even standard kicking and punching movements. This is why videos of
>actual human beings performing the movements remain much more effective
>– the brain is capable of (semi-unconsciously) assessing
>aspects of balance/speed and angle of movement that simply don’t appear
>in software-generated avatars.
> >You could do the whole thing as a series of interlocking videos, maybe?
>That would actually be pretty cool.
> >Just my thoughts!
> >Dellu wrote:
>If you have the time learn the ins and outs of it, I am pretty sure
>>Tinderbox can do it.
>>At some point, I was able to replicate the functions of Genealogy
>>softwares with Tinderbox maps.
>>But, you should be ready to invest a large amount of time into it.