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CRIMP Defined




Best software for visually diagramming a series of martial art strategies?

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Posted by digeratus
Jan 22, 2023 at 10:07 PM


Interesting software! Wish I had the ability to program something like that.

But it did make me think: it would be really cool if I could put in a few basic variables like my hand position: whether it’s on his left or right sleeve, or left or right lapel, for example… and then where his hand is… and automatically have the software generate all possible combinations so that I could see the decision space.

I wonder if this is something that decision tree software has the ability to do? Does anyone know?

DDorak wrote:
Hi again,
>I realize I was not very clear in some areas.
> >From each chess position, you can see the possible replies.
>You select one of the replies, you now have a new chess position.
>If this position matches an existing one, you are shown the replies
>for that already exist for this position.
> >If you decide you don’t like the new position, you can go back
>to the previous position and choose another option and go from there.
> >How I picture the use for marital arts, which I know nothing about.
>You and your opponent have starting positions/stances/whatever
>from which there are certain responses.
>You choose a response.  You are shown a new position
>that shows how your opponent can respond which results
>in a new position with possible replies to his response.
> >If you decide, I can’t allow myself to get into this predicament
>again, choose a different response and see how that plays out.
> >I visited the Bookup website. 
>The programmer is selling the Dephi (language?) source code.
>Anyway, I hope the above explanation is a little clearer.