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Best software for visually diagramming a series of martial art strategies?

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Posted by digeratus
Jan 22, 2023 at 03:49 AM


Exactly. I think you’ve explained it well, thanks.

MadaboutDana wrote:
This is actually a very sophisticated requirement – one you’d
>normally want dedicated software to achieve. Knowing a bit about martial
>arts myself, I can see a whole lot of ramifications of the various
>scenarios you’ve described. Not least, how best to describe them so
>users can “hook in” to the bits most immediately relevant to what
>they’re trying to do. The combination of visual flows plus an underlying
>database for instant referencing is already complex – the
>option to fork into multiple possible responses, and then immediately
>fork again, well, that’s really heavyweight stuff. That’s because
>certain paths are going to converge with some paths, while other paths
>are going to diverge into their own specific areas. So you’ve got to
>take duplication/repetition into account as well.
> >I’m not at all convinced Flying Logic is powerful enough to do this
>– but it may be. Whether it also supports the appropriate
>visualisation I don’t know. I can’t immediately think of any software
>that could do what you’re describing, although I can think of various
>software components that could be combined to build a tool for this kind
>of visualisation.
> >Any programmers in the forum with insights into the underlying