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Posted by 22111
Jul 11, 2022 at 08:03 PM


Ad Amontillado: No, I haven’t found my answer yet, but McKee’s short YT vid “Q&A - How Do you Reveal a Character’s Hidden Nature” certainly is probably one of the most important hints any screen- or theatre writer can get in their life… and yes, the French give a crap about that one, too… but then, their “works” who do give that crap ain’t “exportable” anywhere… (Btw, did I tell you the ultimate “Rohmer”‘s by Christian Vincent, “La Discrète” (1990, with divine Judith Henry)?)

Ad Chris: Outlining has got a meaning, a purpose: it ain’t “just technical”: it’s about info collecting / administration… and ultimately, it’s about OUTPUT, hopefully not within the “me-too” range, but for something worthwhile. Thus, please excuse my digressions, I promise I always try to minimize’em…

And again, I confirm my very first impression that German’s the richest language of’em all, today for example I desperately tried to get the English equivalent for “Verwandlung”, to no avail: read Rilke, Heine, etc., and you’ll be becharmed of the richness of what the allegedly unparalled language-of’em’all’s able to express - n’yeah, I’m aware of the fact that the Nazis killed all-of-that… I don’t really know if there’s somebody out there who’s aware that the Germans currently commit suicide, out-of-this… I’m one of those who FLED the “Germans” (i.e. incl. their “nationality) ... but not their incredible, incomparable heritage and tradition pre-33… I’m not sure if some people out there are aware of the fact that the Western World as a whole’s currently committing suicide… falsely identifying, and then allegedly born-to-atone-for, with some the meanest outskirts, outreaches, of Western, allegedly ENGLIGHTEND mind… instead of every one of those individuals saying to themselves, I’ll do better, e.g. I’ll make my wife really happy, so that our kids will grow up happy… and that’s all whoever could ever ask’em.

But no, even that’s beyond most’of’them, and there we are…

Again, outlining, ANY form of organizing your “stuff” comes with a purpose, and whatever you call it, that purpose is OUTPUT, be it “Oscar”-striving, or just trying to increase your bucks - and here, we’ve got another proof for the German language: “vermehren”, anyone? Does it occur to you that their pre-33 German was outright incredible, divine?...

Thus, at the end of the day, it’s not about “outlining”... it’s about what’ve got going to do (say, assume…) - about your plans, and their finality…

Well, at the end of the day, you outlining’s not about organize what what you already know… it should be a tool to find, discover, present SOMETHING NEW in your “paper”, right?

At “Mad”: You’re right, I don’t like “Apple”, but the moment they did something FOR us, I’d endorse’em again… and then, they obviously will never do, they’re just mean, and I hate mean people… not speaking (again) about their innumerable failures re honesty, be it fails in their hardware, or “closing down” against “everyone”, by their connectors, or their file formats… they also are censorship vanguard, and for example, it was them who “closed” any tumblr “porn”, incl. art… yes, art - ok, 10 p.c. of that “porn”, but censoring art’s nazi, sorry for putting it bluntly, and from then on, such people ain’t “satisfaktionsfähig” anymore, except for atonement on their side… which will never come, see?

And then, in order to not digress beyond any measure, and at Amontillado and all here, look into the YT “Creative Spark” series, with 12 vids up to now: you’ll discover, among other Oscar Winners, David Seidler with his Nineties’ software, together with his IBM Eighties’ kb, and then, the incredible, literally possessed Dustin Lance Black’s - cat lovers refrain!: your beloved Mäus’chen / mousie will create ultimate havoc - not with just physical (i.e. printed-out) index cards, but with STAPLES of such cards, every one of’em clipped to whatever “material” or “developments” they might intimately contain, be just the advert to… - this Academy Award winner displays, on his big, very big table, what he obviously, previously assemblied in some “outliner software” or similar…

a task that UR can easily do, but then, not as easily that is, neither Uly App nor DT.

And that’s my point here: Finding - or creating, by enhancing something not yet that “ready from prime time” (as, or how, they say?), but “with potential”...

i.e. the availability to be appropriately enhanced, by some macros, necessary indeed, whilst software’s coded by coders:

It’s all about software helping you into producing output beyond me-too quality - if you use standard sw fare to generate standard fare, that’s ok… but that’s not what a specialized forum should be about.

Chris’s with me in that, obviously, since every time I try to log in, I get thru, and so, I can continue to plead for producing something special; in our generations at least, lifetimes being set yet, let’s try to do something right in writing: no me-too, no what’d-please-to-the-government… or then, just breed, and be a good father: you’ll be the exception by the rule, there again.

(To be continued.)

(And here again: Alleged, self-proclaimed writers, show us you write: enliven our day, don’t apply us your it’s-good-enough-there: we deserve better.)

And yes, I fully endorse the M’O, the “Musée d’Orsay”, and not only for Courbet’s “L’Origine du monde” (cf. tumblr vs. Apple’s manigances = schemings), but especially for Manet’s “Balcon”, and Renoir’s “Bal” - none of them very certainly ever complained about their respective hardware… they just applied it to their respective genius… they used it as it came - us, on the other hand, we strive, and so we are entitled to the best brush we could get… since we simply need it, right?

Let’s be honest, let’s be plain: Our likes need crutches, in order to walk right beneath the really inspired, so let’s aspire, and ask, for the very best crutches we’d get. Remember “Born Free” (1966)? Feel somewhat even lesser than a lion’s mind?
- Don’t work for the government;
- Think different;
- Be a good father (which implies: good husband);
... and you won’t die, as all those myriads of sheep do though.

Be different. Outlining’s a thing of less than 5 p.c. of the (even academic) population… isn’t that a good start? Why then deny it in your respective thinking and output?

(And again: verleugnen, verneinen = to deny: what a depletion, and again: Verarmung being the special, pre-De-Enlightenment, German term.)

Very, very probably, and except for scripting, anybody producing real stuff should adopt Scrivener (Mac)... but then, the discussion’d be closed, right? ;-)

And did it occur to you that none of the Academy Award winners linked to above does their writing within the alleged “industry standard”? Be free’s the “Losung”, and no, neither “slogan” nor “scat” get it. - And no, that’s not an excuse indeed, I remember, very fondly that is, that Pole, writing just wonderful English novels, Conrad.

But then, observe Black (from above): He obviously LOVES what he does, all day, documentation, physical work included: He KNOWS what he’s doing. He’s not a genius either, but - or rather: that’s why - he may serve as our example:

He finally gets his stuff together, and that’s the key for all of us hacks… n’listen to McKee… and don’t work for the government. ;-) I’m serious, damn serious.