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Roam Patrol!

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Posted by bartb
Nov 20, 2020 at 07:21 PM


Sascha over at Zettelkasten has a different take on backlinks

Paul Korm wrote:
The technology of Roam or Obsidian is not new—the developers are
>using existing off the shelf components.  What’s “new” is that the
>business of linking “notes” (or something more granular within a note)
>is bringing broader awareness of the uses of hypertext theory and
>information theory dating back decades. 
> >The question that fascinates me about all this “new” interest is “why
>now—what changed”.  Obsidian or Roam could have been written a
>decade or more ago.  And if then, they probably didn’t generate much
>interest.  (How many people bought Storyspace when it was first
>published 33 years ago—Storyspace then, and now, has the same goal as
>these new toys.)
> >I read in Obsidian’s forums very detailed posts about ZKs, PKMs, and
>MOCs, and PARA and blah blah.  Underlying the efforts behind these
>trends seems to be a general feeling of being overwhelmed by
>“information” (or data, really—it’s just data) and trying to make
>connections between “everything I think about .. everything I read ...
>everything I worry about”.  It’s seductive. 
> >