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CRIMP Defined





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Posted by LB
Jan 14, 2020 at 09:31 AM


As of now I’m using EssentialPIM, MyInfo and NoteCase Pro as my regulars. I also use InfoQube, but more to learn at the present.

Here’s some of them that I tried.  Also, I don’t know if cost is something you’re considering, but there’s open source ones out there that are free and they range to a few hundred dollars.

EssentialPIM (EPIM)
Zoot XT (Don’t know if the XT has been dropped in lastest update.

TreePad (I think this one recently has gone under though.  Probably can’t buy a license for it even if you locate a download copy, but not sure)
MyInfo (Version 7 may be released soon, but you still get it if you buy version 6 now)
NoteCase Pro
KeyNote NF
Ultra Recall

and a few other personal wikis.

I’d also go through this Forum and see what programs people are talking about and trying them out. Even if they’re old posts.  I’ve found out a lot of new ones from that.