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mac emulators

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Posted by Derek Cornish
Mar 13, 2008 at 05:39 PM


Chris commented:
> There’s no Mac emulator, but if you’re willing to hunt around on the seedier side of the internet, through hacks you can install OS X on generic PCs.

Coincidentally, I’d been doing exactly the same thing, motivated by the desire to try out Scrivener. All pretty illegal, IMHO. For a procedure that verges on the legal - but probably isn’t - have a look at:


It uses a legal (i.e. bought and unhacked) MAC OS X, and VMWare’s Workstation 6. From comments elsewhere on the web, however, it looks as though, while OS X can be purchased separate from MAC hardware, it can only legally be run on such hardware. Workarounds - like putting an Apple sticker on your PC - don’t qualify…

All the same, if it can be done - and it looks as though it can - it’s probably only a question of time before it can be done legally. Given that XP and Vista can be run on MAC’s running OS X, pressure is going to build for some reciprocity - I hope.