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Notebooks as a Ulysses replacement

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Posted by Dellu
Aug 21, 2017 at 10:06 AM


Hugh wrote:
>There seem to me to be at least two such characteristics. They are: its
>facility to allow “chunks” of text to be quickly and easily re-arranged
>within the whole, and its feature enabling relatively straightforward
>export or “compilation” of the text in a wide variety of styles and
>formats. Those two features make it particularly attractive if you’re
>engaged in writing medium- or long-form work (and these plainly provide
>reasons for novelist David Hewson’s fondness for it).  And it has other
>features which also support this type of writing.

That is true. Ulysses is best compared with writing (word processing) applications like Scrivener while Notebooks more comparable to noting applications like nvALT, and Tinderbox. If you want to get a finished product, Notebooks might not be the right one.