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Ulysses for iPad shaping up nicely...

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Posted by jaslar
Feb 12, 2015 at 05:44 PM


I haven’t used Ulysses, although I spent quite an enjoyable hour this morning writing in Daedulus, which is a brilliant bit of programming.

But I wonder if someone could enlighten me about the advantages of Ulysses (and I think Scrivener, too). As I understand it, both have these similarities:

- an editing panel that handles Markdown. I get that some environments are cleaner and more fun to write in.
- a “notebook” type panel (or panels) that allows for the collection and some kind of re-arrangement of notes, snippets. That re-arrangement piece of a library of related notes is the outlining connection.

So I’m guessing the eagerness to have Ulysses on the iPad rather than just Daedulus is that ready access to the library of snippets. Is that right? Or is it the re-ordering of that information?

Just as an aside, when I look at Letterspace, I don’t really see a difference (other than support for the tasks markup, and the use of gestures) between that and Simplenote. That is: a collection of individual notes, searchable, taggable,with a nice editor attached. But Letterspace is limited to iCloud, whereas I can get to Simplenote data from any device. And I don’t see the ability to manipulate the order of anything.

Have I got this right?