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Freeplane - new release

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Posted by Dr Andus
Jun 13, 2014 at 11:58 PM


Dr Andus wrote:
>> Install url handler for protocol “freeplane” for windows and mac

I’ve been experimenting with this feature, trying to find a use for it. To use it with ConnectedText, the following steps need to be followed:

1) Add the word “freeplane” to the list of protocols in My Documents > ConnectedText >  protocols.txt and restart CT.

2) Go to Freeplane > Tools > Preferences > Environment and tick the two boxes for “Single program instance.” (If you don’t do this, a new Freeplane application instance will launch every time you click on the link.)

3) Then navigate to any node in a Freeplane map to which you want to link to, right click on it, and select “Copy node URI.”

4) Go to a CT topic, type [[$URL: then paste the Freeplane link in and type |whatevernameyoulike]] and that’s it. A link to the Freeplane node will be created.

5) Click on the link in CT, and Freeplane will display the linked node. I like to have “View > Center selected node” on, so the node will always be displayed in the centre.

I imagine a similar process would need to be followed with Scrivener or any other software that allows you to add a new protocol.

This feature could be used as a form of bookmarking Freeplane nodes externally. Let’s say you’re working through a big Freeplane mind map, and you don’t want to forget the last node you were working on (or maybe a whole range of nodes in different parts of the map). Then you can just create a series of links to each node in CT, and call up and navigate through the nodes that way.