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Another one bites the dust?

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Posted by Hugh
Apr 26, 2012 at 01:45 PM


I’m sorry if ndxcards has bitten the bullet. For me it was its particular combination of index cards and rudimentary outliner that held promise.

I’m also sorry if IdeaMason, resurrected, has gone. Its idea of bringing together outline, research and long-form writing always had potential, as Scrivener and others have shown. Perhaps the original concept was too early for the market and the resurrection was too late. Or maybe it was simply the execution of the concept that wasn’t quite good enough. In either case, it’s a pity.

I’m finding that in buying software in these difficult times one either (a) accepts what’s immediately on offer with no expectations at all or (b) looks very carefully at the probable medium-term sustainability of the developers. No more taking a punt on single-developer software if it isn’t quite there yet.