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Typewriter scrolling for Windows

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Posted by Dr Andus
Jan 20, 2012 at 02:44 AM


JohnK wrote:
>This will only be of interest to a small minority of this group, but anyway…as of
>v0.9.9.0, preview 3, the Windows writing program Writemonkey
>(http://writemonkey.com) offers typewriter scrolling.
> >For those who don’t know
>what typewriter scrolling is: for years I have found it odd that all word processors
>have a built-in flaw - if you are typing a long document, eventually the cursor reaches
>the bottom of the screen, and stays there. Crude and unergonomic. Bring back the
> >Since Mac OSX came on the scene, a number of programs, including
>Writeroom (http://www.hogbaysoftware.com/products/writeroom), have
>introduced what’s called “typewriter scrolling” - the cursor remains fixed at a line
>of your choosing and the text scrolls away from you. Maybe disconcerting for
>youngsters who have never used a typewriter, but very natural for me.
> >Because a few
>programs for Mac offer this feature, which has been non-existent on Windows, I assume
>the Mac OS built-in edit controls make it easy to offer typewriter scrolling, but
>that’s guesswork.
> >But some time ago I suggested to Writemonkey’s author that he add
>typewriter scrolling (more in hope than expectation). And now it’s there. It’s
>marked as an experimental feature, and it is a preview version, so if you try it don’t
>use it for anything important, but the scrolling feature works well for me. 

Well, apparently there is now typewriter scrolling in Scrivener for Windows as well. I only discovered it by accident as I was getting annoyed that in Full Screen view the text was jumping around, whenever I tried to highlight text with a mouse and drag it. It turned out that “typewriter scrolling” was on, and after toggling it off with WindowsKey+Ctr+T my problem disappeared.