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innovation in simplicity: looking for, the most imaginative software

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Posted by doablesoftware
Jun 11, 2018 at 02:17 AM


**easy access to your lists**

1. you have 5-10 lists (definitely no more than 10)

2. when you swipe right, you get to list #2
3. maybe the limit would be 3 swipes, so you’ll be at list #4
4. swiping again would take you to list #1
5. swiping left would take you to list #4

6. swiping up would take you to list #5
7. and down would take you to list #8
8. so i guess 8 is the limit of lists/notes

this design is just one of the infinite ways of having **easy access to your lists**

method #2 could be voice input:

1. you say, ‘things i want & need’
2. and list #6 or #4 or w/e # it is would show up
3. hopefully the ml is sufficiently intelligent to show up the same relevant list/info even if you had said, ‘things i want & need that still doesnt exist’

method #3: i guess a sidepanel/bar with a list of your lists would work fine

1. you press -> to get to the next list
2. you could also click on one of the 8 lists
3. but a hotkey is absolutely required to sufficiently count as **easy access to your lists**

**easy access to your lists** is the only prime need

so i guess method #3 more easily permit this software to exist in 2018, but before we get ahead of ourselves (prematurely presumed), there are other basics that are assumed, such as:

- being able to bold
- make bullet points that are automatically greyed out on input (well this is more just a plus, not a need)
- designed for keyboards (as keyboards are the most effective UI/HCI we have currently for inputting text/words to make our lists =)
- everything you see is completely white

yes, the last one is about clean design, and merely only one aspect of clean design, the most basic part of understanding what is good design

& other basics i cannot list completely,

but please feel free to link to those softwares that has the prime need of **easy access to your lists**—> (and i’ll take a look =)


**of marginal significance**

while i’ve used the term ‘list’ within the context of trying to describe this software, words like ‘info/notes/container/all else’ are all words that would also be accurate in relaying the same kind of meaning as ‘list’:

- aka: something that shows info discrete from other info, basically

the term ‘lists’ are used cos they are the most significant & helpful kind of presentation when it comes to info

we could go on for a billion lists and words, but i have a life, hopefully?

we also cannot go on for a billion lists and words on the relevance & significance of:

- this need
- the intricate complex topic of info,
- or anything else, cos hopefully i’ve a life?

all i know is that this is very basic need of humanity

i consider this the most important ‘kind/type/form/class/design/motion’ of software out of all softwares known to current humanity



Posted by satis
Jun 11, 2018 at 02:20 AM


Current humanity, lol.


Posted by doablesoftware
Jun 11, 2018 at 02:39 AM


oh i completely forgot to add this part,

no things that are already in use for various other needs

- onenote
- g-sheets
- dynalist
- everything else

but since nobody knows what is in-use, just link anything that matches the need

most things are in-use tho, and most things dont fit the need

also forgot to say that a ‘sidepanel/bar outline of your lists’ ruins the clean design of a software, but typically could just be hidden, so that is essentially & effectively solved


Posted by Luhmann
Jun 11, 2018 at 03:03 AM


While I don’t like using Todoist as a ToDo List, I actually find it useful for keeping open-ended lists of things like shopping lists, “movies to see,” or “books to read,” etc.  especially since it makes it easy to add websites as list items. Trello is also OK for this, but I find Todoist easier to use. I just wish their support for sub-lists was better implemented.


Posted by Dellu
Jun 11, 2018 at 05:22 AM


Couldn’t you do this using BetterTouchTool with any list/todo software?


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