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SheetPlanner 3.0 Released

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Posted by SheetPlanner
May 18, 2022 at 05:29 PM


SheetPlanner 3.0 has been submitted to the Mac App Store and to Setapp for release. Should be available for download soon.


# SheetPlanner 3.0 Release Notes #

* Important notes:
  - ⚠️ The document format changed in version 3.0, so version 2.0.6 and earlier won’t be able to open documents opened in version 3.0.
  - ߖ¥ SheetPlanner now requires macOS Catalina (10.15) or later.

* Multiple sheets and tabs:
  - Everyone can now use multiple sheets and tabs in a document.
  - A sidebar is available to organize multiple sheets.
  - Sheets, Notes, and Links can be displayed in a new tab.
  - These were previously only available to paid users; now also available in free mode.

* Sync:
  - Saving to iCloud Drive is now supported. New documents are saved in iCloud Drive by default, but can be saved elsewhere if desired.
  - When saved to iCloud Drive, sharing options are available. See Share ▸ Share File menu, and the Share toolbar button.
  - Detects when a document is changed on two or more computers at once, and merges the changes, to avoid one overwriting the other’s.
  - Now uses Quick Look preview and thumbnail app extensions to dynamically provide those to the Finder, to avoid conflicts when editing a document on multiple Macs.
  - Quick Look previews can be zoomed and scrolled, though are static snapshots of the window content.
  - Added support for Mac-specific bookmarks for file links, so finding a file on one Mac won’t invalidate the link on another Mac.
  - The showing state of notes and links is now also Mac-specific.
  - Changed the way the outline hierarchy is restored when loading a document, to minimize changes needed to be saved, thus reducing conflicts when syncing.

* Collaboration selection:
  - When another Mac makes changes to a document, the changed cells are briefly highlighted.
  - Added a command to Show/Hide Highlights. When shown, all cells that have been edited are highlighted with the person’s color. When hidden, cells are only highlighted when changed remotely.
  - When two or more people are editing the same document at the same time, the other people’s selections are displayed as thin lines, using their highlight colors.

* People column:
  - Added a standard People column, hidden by default, that is a List-type column pre-populated with the names of people collaborating on a document.
  - When the People column is displayed, it works the same as other List columns: click the menu button to show a menu of people, or type a name. The cell also displays the selected person’s color; this color is used to highlight their changes.
  - Can add and remove custom people via the Inspector.
  - Collaborators and custom people use different icons in the People column.
  - In the Column Inspector, the color assigned to each person can be changed.
  - Also in the Inspector, the names can be edited, e.g. to use a shorter name.
  - The Inspector also includes an option to choose multiple people, or only one.
  - When one or more people have been assigned to a row via the People column, and a notification is set for a date column, now only those people are notified.
  - Updated the Project Plan and Sales Pipeline templates to use the People column instead of a custom List column.

* Cell Inspector:
  - When a cell that has been changed is selected, the Cell Inspector now displays information about it, including:
  - The date and time the cell was last changed.
  - The highlight color and name of the person who made the change.
  - The name of the computer where the change was made.

* Smart filters:
  - Added the ability to filter on Row attributes, like whether a row is a task (has a duration) or milestone (no duration), is a parent (has sub-rows) or a child (no rows within), is unchanged, was changed by you, or was changed by someone else, etc.
  - Fixed the Note filtering to properly support searching within notes, from start of notes, etc.
  - Smart filters now support filtering on the People column.

* More compact documents:
  - The SheetPlanner document is now a single file, instead of a package (a folder of files presented as one file).
  - This makes syncing faster and more reliable, in addition to taking up less space on disk, among other benefits.
  - Note that documents opened in version 3.0 and later won’t be able to be opened in version 2.0.6 or earlier.
  - Documents saved by SheetPlanner 3 use the file extension “.sp”.

* Debug:
  - Added a command in the Debug menu to open the diagnostic log file, that records information to help debug the app (it is replaced each day).
  - Also added a command to open the Console, which logs that and other Apple framework detritus.
  - Added Debug menu options to add the computer name or app edition name to the person name. Useful to test the People column without multiple people.

* Other changes:
  - On macOS 11 and later, the window now has the title above the toolbar, instead of to the left, so toolbar buttons are spaced out instead of scrunched to the right.
  - When a cell is selected, the color picker is now updated to reflect the text color of that cell.
  - The Inspector no longer scrolls to the top when changing the cell selection etc.
  - When a document is saved, its print settings are saved as the default.
  - When a template is loaded, the default print settings are loaded.
  - When opening a template, the sheet name now defaults to the template name.
  - When adding a sheet to an existing document, the sheet name has a number appended to make it unique, if necessary.
  - As a special case, adding a blank sheet uses the name “Sheet”, with a number if needed.
  - Fixed row numbers being zeroes when using Duplicate Sheet & Rows.
  - Fixed a curly issue where a cell could unexpectedly stop editing.
  - When copying a Topic cell with notes and/or links, those are now also included when pasting into a document.
  - When opening a document on a different computer, the first sheet is selected by default, instead of none.
  - The Month and Year view headers now better adapt between light and dark modes.
  - Fixed Month and Year views not updating when in a different tab (not a sync-related issue).
  - Updated the Welcome to SheetPlanner screens.



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