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Browser-only outliner / note-taker

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Posted by Dr Andus
Oct 16, 2021 at 02:13 PM


Daly de Gagne wrote:
>Would you at this stage consider using Obsidian as a replacement for RR?

Hi Dale,

yes, it’s possible that something else triggered the CEO to do this, but to be honest, he has form in this, he has put off a lot of people in the past with things he said on Twitter or on Reddit (it’s a kind of a brusk ‘take it or leave it’ attitude when customers dare to critcise the product). I just gave him the benefit of the doubt until now.

But as I need a long-term solution (both for my task management, but I also want to move my ConnectedText zettelkasten onto an online platform), and that was my point about bringing up the automatic export issue on Reddit, as that’s all about protecting my content, should something happen to the company, I will have to move on from Roam.

I’d love to use Obsidian, it looks amazing, but it doesn’t fit my use case, as I can’t run Obsidian from a browser, and I also need the block-level transclusion feature that Roam has but Obsidian lacks.


Posted by satis
Oct 16, 2021 at 04:15 PM


Dr Andus wrote:

>I’ve been pretty happy with Roam up until this week, when I found out
>that the CEO personally banned me from the Roam Reddit community
>(alongside with many other users) because many months ago I dared to
>point out some of its shortcomings vis-a-vis some of its competitors.
> >The pettiness of this, and the fact that the CEO has time to go back and
>read years’ worth of Reddit posts and manually ban members for saying
>things like it would be important to have automatic daily human readible
>exports like WorkFlowy or Dynalist has) was that broke this cammel’s

Childish posts and pettiness have been a hallmark of Conor’s from the very beginning. When the product was in alpha and he first pushed the hashtag #roamcult on twitter I knew immediately to stay away. He’s been this way from the beginning, and has deemed complaints and constructive criticism as ‘bullshit’


Conor’s hubris has reminded me of Steve Jobs’s response to his failed attempt to buy Dropbox in 2009; he warned them that Dropbox was a feature, not a product, and they’d soon see stiff competition and profit problems. (Which did transpire; they had to pivot from customer to business, and still for at least the last 5 years they’ve had negative Net Income.)


Posted by Dormouse
Oct 17, 2021 at 09:23 AM


Obsidian does have block level transclusion


Posted by Dormouse
Oct 17, 2021 at 09:29 AM


Dr Andus wrote:
> the CEO has time to go back and >read years’ worth of Reddit posts and manually ban members

This is pretty damning, especially with the rumours over internal wranglings and disagreements


Posted by Dr Andus
Oct 18, 2021 at 12:21 PM


Dormouse wrote:
>Obsidian does have block level transclusion

I wonder if we mean the same thing. I was using Roam terminology for essentially the bullet-point level or individual outline item level (or line level, in plaintext speak). Can Obsidian do transclusion at the line level?


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