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MyBase 8

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Posted by Jon Polish
Sep 8, 2021 at 07:18 PM


MyBase is now at version 8. I have not tested this version (I expect it is largely similar to previous iterations), but noticed this addition.

Threads (Keywords)

From 8.x on, Mybase introduced a new method of item linking that allows to use special tags like [[ keywords ]] within text contents for the current info item to be linked with other info items containing the same tags. It sounds like the concept of threads, topics, keywords etc., we’d refer the linked info items as threaded items. The keywords and threaded items will automatically be listed out in the relation list for quick reference.

Typing the tag “[[” in the text editor triggers a popup menu whereby you can select one of existing threads to join, or select the “New thread name” menu item to add a new one.

The [[ keywords ]] tags in text contents will be highlighted and show a Hand cursor on mouse pointer hover, its context menu lists out all threaded items.

Right-clicking on a selected keyword in the text editor and selecting the “Join thread” menu item automatically makes the keyword into a thread tag. If no text selected, it allows to choose one of existing threads for the current info item to join.

The thread tag [[ keywords ]] allows multiple keywords seperated with a comma, like this: [[ keyword1, keyword2, keyword3 ]]



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