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Multi-pane Editing in RemNote (1.3.8)

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Posted by Matthew Burke
May 4, 2021 at 08:56 PM


In update 1.3.8, RemNote added a beta feature for multiple panes. You can now tile “Rem” (the basic unit of information in RemNote) beyond just a split-pane view common to most modern note-taking applications.

One screen, lots of outlines. With the ability to bi-directionally link, block embed, focus zoom, and more, you can:

- Take multiple atomic notes on the same literature note
- Take comparative/synthetic notes by referring to multiple literature notes
- Refer to notes and reference material while drafting
- Et cetera

Check it out: https://forum.remnote.io/t/windowed-panes-in-depth/4526

How would you take advantage of multiple outlines by themselves/within an interlinked environment?


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