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Zooming in Craft

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Posted by Luhmann
Apr 2, 2021 at 12:54 PM


I’ve been playing a bit with the Mac / iOS app Craft: https://www.craft.do/

One thing I find interesting/frustrating is that while it isn’t a bad outliner, zooming in on a block doesn’t zoom in on that part of the outline. Rather, it turns that block into a new document. So, if I have

- Fruit
  - Apples
  - Granny Smith
  - Fuji
  - Oranges
  - Lemons
- Vegetables
  - Spinach
  - Kale

And I want to zoom in on “Apples” I won’t see Granny Smith or Fuji. Rather I will see a new document called “Apples” that I can edit.

I can see some great use cases for Craft and I might include it in my workflow, but for this reason i don’t think I will ever use it as an outliner. I’m just too used to how Workflowy/Dynalist/Roam Research handle zooming and depend on this for my daily workflow.


Posted by Jon Polish
Apr 2, 2021 at 06:24 PM


This is reminiscent of Brainstorm on Windows. Hoisting the item so you just the item and its children.



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