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Organizedly: A mashup of Obsidian and NotePlan (sort of)

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Posted by Stephen Zeoli
Feb 14, 2021 at 02:30 PM


I just learned about Organizedly this morning and am giving it a try. It is not officially released, but people can sign up for free early access as I’ve done.


So far I am impressed by the features. It works somewhat like a mashup of Obsidian and Amplenote or NotePlan. Like those apps, Organizedly allows you to combine notes and tasks (it also has a calendar feature). It has bi-directional linking to connect your thoughts and projects.

The app uses tags to categorize your notes and tasks. There are no folders, but it provides ways to create collections and queries, so you can get quick access to grouped information. I know that other apps have similar tools for gathering related notes and tasks, but Organizedly feels different to me. It may just be presentation.

I like the look and feel of Organizedly. It looks as if I can make sense of it… which sets it apart from Amplenote.

Like Obsidian and Roam, Organizedly has a graph view that displays the network of your notes.

Like Amplenote, you can create tasks within notes and then view a list of tasks pulled from all your notes.

Like Roam, Obsidian, Amplenote and NotePlan (among others), Organizedly automatically creates a note for each day.

There is a lot going on on the the screen, but unlike some apps, Organizedly doesn’t feel cramped or confusing on my MacBook.

Organizedly uses markdown for formatting within a note. Or you can choose to use other keyboard shortcuts or the formatting bar.

This is a pre-release version and I’ve noticed a few hiccups. It isn’t clear to me if there is a way to add images or documents to your notes… although I believe the answer is no. If so, that’s a serious omission that limits Organizedly’s usefulness for project management. Also, the developers do not provide a roadmap of what features they are still working on and no blog with updates. I’ve sent an inquiry to see if I can learn there plans.

Organizedly (an admittedly annoying name) is browser-based only… again I don’t know if there are plans for mobile or computer versions.

Anyway, I just wanted to make the group aware of this new note-taking app.



Posted by Stephen Zeoli
Feb 15, 2021 at 01:41 PM


I received a response from one of the developers of Organizedly when I inquired about what improvements they are planning on.

- Offline support
- Two-way calendar integration to microsoft calendars (we recently released a google calendar integration)
- Recurring tasks
- Note-editor improvements: embedding videos, creating tables and adding images
- Mobile applications (Android / iOS)



Posted by Ken
Feb 15, 2021 at 08:44 PM


It looks interesting, but this statement did give me a moment of pause before I would commit a lot of data in their system:

“We will turn on fair pricing soon. Our beloved early adopters will get handsome discounts.”

Their support section is a bit light right now as well, but since I have not yet played around with it, I cannot say how much instruction is needed.  Still, it is an interesting approach worth looking at.



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