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Tinderbox updated to 8.8

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Posted by NickG
Oct 8, 2020 at 09:36 AM


For anyone who’s interested, Tinderbox from Eastgate (Mac only) has just been updated to version 8.8. No barnstorming new features, but some extremely useful enhancements.

IMHO, Eastgate provides an object lesson in how to handle subscriptions. You pay upfront for a lifetime licence for the current versions, and all updates within the next year. After that, you can keep using your current version indefinitely, or pay a fee for another year of updates, or wait a year or two, then pay to get to the then current version plus a further year of updates.

Updates come 2-3 times a year and always have significant functional additions.

TB is a good example fo software that’s not cheap ($249 initially and $98 for a further year of updates) but is excellent value.


Posted by Hugh
Oct 8, 2020 at 10:16 AM


As someone who has not updated for some time but plans to do so imminently, I agree.


Posted by Paul Korm
Oct 10, 2020 at 04:18 PM


I agree that Eastgate’s steady addition of features to Tinderbox is a good case for where subscriptions work to benefit customers.  I’d add a couple other observations.  First, most of the product updates in recent. years have come about because of active involvement by customers in suggesting improvements that Eastgate then incorporated into Tinderbox.  Second, there is now a regularly occurring weekly Zoom discussion between Bernstein and whoever wants to join, where customer views on how to use (and improve) the product are discussed by all participants.

This is where subscriptions are successful: I’ll pay you this recurring fee, if you work to improve the value of the product to me—and if you listen to me when I tell you want improvements are needed.


Posted by apb123
Oct 25, 2020 at 08:56 PM


Tinderbox is expensive in my opinion. I bought it at version 5 but have never got around to upgrading since. Undoubtably a good piece of software.

I never forgot buying it.It was a big purchase and I devoted a weekend to learning it, and bought it on a Friday evening. However because (I presume it is manually done) they didnt get around to emailing the licence fee until after the weekend !.

It also seems to have 1 (genius..but elderly developer). Not good omens for the future IMHO.


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