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Evernote reinventing itself

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Posted by Andy Brice
Sep 20, 2020 at 03:25 PM


Have they made a profit yet?

Andy Brice


Posted by shatteredmindofbob
Sep 21, 2020 at 12:21 AM


I guess “reinventing” be rolling back to Evernote 2 (while keeping the online storage component) is out of the question.


Posted by Simon
Sep 22, 2020 at 01:14 PM


Luhmann wrote:
This is similar to what happened with Apple Pages and Keynote when they
>refactored the code to make it work more consistently across all
>platforms on a new code base. At first they did dumb it down and strip
>away features, but after the initial release new features came quickly
>and it soon caught up and surpassed the original app. I assume that
>Evernote is following the same playbook. First get the new code on all
>platforms, iron out any bugs, and then start updating all platforms at
>the same time in a consistent way. I think it is the right strategy, but
>also feel that they are somewhat late to the game with so many
>innovative apps out there like Roam, Notion, Paper, etc. Still, I mostly
>use Evernote for two things: saving web pages and storing PDFs of
>scanned documents. It is still the best option out there for me, as none
>of the other new apps seem really interested in these features. Only
>Devon seems to compete in this area…

And in the process lost all their customers who are now happily using MS Office on a mac. The new versions Pages and Numbers are still poor siblings to what old iWorks used to be. Serious wordprocessing and spreadsheet users won’t be using Pages or Numbers. They look nice, but function poorly. They were my go to apps until Apple made them iOS compliant and killed them in the process. They used to be rated 4.5 stars+ and now can’t break 4 stars and Numbers is below 3 stars.

If Evernote goes that route they may not recover.


Posted by nathanb
Sep 25, 2020 at 12:56 AM


So Evernote is doing what Microsoft has been doing with One Note for the past 8 years or so by dumbing it down to be universal across all screens? 

Unfortunate.  Though I guess they have no choice.  That’s the curse of having to cater to a large audience. It’s all about ‘usability’ from the perspective of the average casual user.

It must be soul crushing to design for the market leading tech products.  Apple can’t ‘innovate’ iphones faster than the casual user will tolerate.  Imagine the meetings at Evernote when they present simple ways to emulate Roam/Notion features but are shot down for fear of scaring away the casuals to OneNote. 

Software used to all be niche because casuals were on paper.  I’ve long since finished hoping any big platforms will add power features.  At least for PKM software, I’m only interested in software created for people like us.  Roam is adding quirky experimental features almost weekly and it’s a blast.  Meanwhile OneNote keeps polishing it’s own pallet and crap like that.


Posted by WSP
Sep 26, 2020 at 01:03 PM


Another long interview with Ian Small—this time on YouTube:


Small is charming and persuasive, but I continue to have deep misgivings about Evernote’s future. I hope he is right that EN will eventually turn itself around.


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