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Posted by jerryk
Dec 8, 2008 at 07:21 AM


Recently, I ran across a program called Everdesk.  It’s at


First, it’s a powerful program that tries to solve the multiple repository program by combining emails and files into the same OS folder structure (on windows).  All emails are saved as *.eml files.  It also seems to have rules for auto assignment, with harkens somewhat to Zoot.

Second, I’m stunned that there seems to be no talk about this program anywhere on the Internet including in this forum.  Just plain odd given that it seems to be a fairly polished program.

Does anyone have experience with this program? 


Posted by Rob Fuscate
Dec 14, 2008 at 05:58 AM


Yes. I?ve been using it for some years.

It is such a simple idea and so obvious that I cannot understand why it has not taken off, using the ‘My Documents’ folder as the basis for the email system

I started using Everdesk when I was running an art gallery because it allowed me to keep incoming/outgoing emails with artists bios, letters to artists, previous exhibitions, homepage links etc. - everything in one place - without having to save files from whatever program I was using before - Eudora/Thunderbird/Opera ... you name it I’ve tried them (even Evolution), but always come back to Everdesk - and then I use Everdesk to ‘file’ the emails I received in the other program!

Similarly, at work I have to use a really dreadful program called ... something like ‘Look Out!’ ... I use Everdesk to back up the emails to ‘My Documents!

Whenever I mention it to anyone else they ask me about ?the security issues?, but I?ve never had any problems ? I have had a number of different anti virus /firewall / security products over the years and they have never caused me any issues with Everdesk.

I am what they call an ‘early adopter’ and Everdesk is one of the few programs that I have stuck with since I first discovered it! The lack of a Linux version is one of the things that’s stopping me from converting completely to Linux!



Posted by Graham Rhind
Dec 14, 2008 at 09:07 AM


I’m wondering why this program, if it’s been around for so long, is so well hidden with so little written about it.  The principle seems very logical and worthy.

Perhaps you users could clarify some things which I was unable to find on the website:

- Is the pricing one off or per annum (I found reference to it being a subscription on the Internet but not on their site)
- Where do the developers hail from?  I am always very suspicious of software providers who provide so little information about themselves and yet want one to download and try their (potentially dangerous) software.

As for my experience, Everdesk crashed spectacularly when importing my Outlook files, wouldn’t work at all after that, and when uninstalling left large files that I had to remove manually.  Outlook may be a monster, but it can handle my 12 years’ worth of e-mails.



Posted by Alexander Deliyannis
Dec 16, 2008 at 06:25 PM


I would expect treating every mail message as a separate file to have certain limitations. For one, it would lead to much greater disk use and I would question its speed for large numbers of emails. My inbox has grown to almost 10,000 items in two years and I can’t fathom having them all in a directory.

That said, originally e-mails were relatively small bits of plain text, so it made good sense to keep them in a compressed format within a single file. Nowadays, with messages regularly including attachments of several Mb, this approach is much less convenient and leads to very large mailbox files.

I might give Everdesk a try; it could make sense for specific uses.

By the way, I would also like some background on the developers. I assume that ‘US patent pending’ means that they are based on the US, but I didn’t find much more than that.



Posted by VS
Dec 16, 2008 at 11:27 PM


Hello Graham,

I am one of EverEZ Systems, which is developing EverDesk.

- initially pricing for EverDesk was based on a subscription basis. After presenting the program at DEMO 2005 we have released several editions of EverDesk, including freeware. Pricing structure was also changed and now the program is offered for $39.95 for EverDesk Mail and $59.95 for EverDesk Optima.
- the company which develops EverDesk is from UK, with offices in USA (Wichita, Kansas) and Cyprus (Nicosia). Developers are working in both locations as well as in Russia on an offshore programming basis.
- what version of EverDesk did you use when it crashed while importing emails from Outlook? You may want to give it another try since in the recent versions we have completely re-done the importing feature and since then didn’t have any report about problems with Outlook or any other email client. It would help us a lot if you give us more details regarding this problem so that we could fix it.

I may assure you that there is no danger at all by downloading and installing EverDesk. You may use any security solutions to make sure it is totally safe application. EverDesk was tested by Softpedia and it was confirmed that it doesn’t contain any spyware, any adware or viruses.

EverDesk can handle as many emails (in fact files, as each and every email is stored as separate file in Windows file system) as your computer can. You can compare the speed of EverDesk with the speed of Windows Explorer - it takes the same time to scan the directory and populate the filelist with the files, and in some cases it is even faster due to some solutions implemented in EverDesk.

I’d be happy to answer any other questions you may have.



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