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Another interesting new app

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Posted by MadaboutDana
May 29, 2020 at 09:04 AM


(macOS, iOS impending)

Nice new app from an individual developer, currently Mac desktop only (but he’s working on an iOS version). TidyCards is a rather good take on kanban task/project management, available from the Mac App Store (free, with inexpensive in-app upgrade to Pro version).

Lots of kanban apps around, of course, but a couple of things set TidyCards apart. First, you can fold the cards (i.e. cause extensive notes, to-do lists etc. to disappear, leaving just the title visible). Second, you can attach files AND e-mails to any card. And third, it automatically sets up a “Done” column on the far right. You can add as many columns on the left as you like (so it can easily be used as an info manager, notetaker, book outliner etc.), but “Done” is always there (albeit not intrusively). It also integrates with Calendar, and allows you to set due dates for each/any card.

It doesn’t have swimming lanes (yet), but it does have a list of all your projects in a left-hand navigation pane. Each project is represented as a single kanban taskboard. You can group projects in folders. It doesn’t yet have “smart search” folders, but I’m sure they’re on the roadmap.

It’s only just appeared, and the developer is very pleasant and responsive, so I have high hopes!

I’ve already suggested one improvement - rich texts in the cards themselves; there are styles for headings/body text, plus to-do checkboxes, but no actual rich text.

Having said that, you can add tags to cards and attach colours to the tags, so if you want to make something really stand out, tagging is the way to go. There’s also a separate tag search button (sensible, in my view), allowing you to select from a list of tags. You can also perform full-text searches (they’re not universal; you search within a project, but as you type, the cards are filtered down to the ones with your search terms in them, and the search terms are highlighted - nice!).

Another improvement might be automatic sorting by various criteria - at the moment, sorting is manual only (but you can put cards wherever you like).

But a very good start. It also looks good, which as I get older, becomes more important (I like to surround myself with attractive apps, given that I’m working with them all day)!




Posted by satis
May 30, 2020 at 01:16 AM


The website seems to focus not on Kanban but on being a visual bookmarking app. Indeed, it looks like a clone of raindrop.io


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