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Causality 2.0: New Research Outliner Feature

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Posted by washere
Oct 20, 2019 at 07:49 PM


Causality Research Feature was added as beta a couple of months ago and released about a month ago as v2.

It’s a new panel (floating or docked) with Outliner tree, mindmap type chart and more. Can be used other than script writing, specially creating new restack, articles, thesis, books etc. However the scenario Timeline can be a project’s or book’s progression. Mainly used by TV & film industry. Good for creative ideas in academia & industry too.

I bought it last year but IIRC you could basically use the free version with very few limitations. Might have changed though. It’s probably the most regularly updated app I use, specially in beta, by his team. Nice guy too. Must be costing him a fortune.

Windows & Mac. In terms of features, ever growing, nothing comes close really:

Research Outliner Feature:


Causality Videos (they have other products though):







Posted by Franz Grieser
Oct 21, 2019 at 12:51 PM


Thanks for bringing this up (again - I think you mentioned it some time ago). I just watched the intro and the “What’s new in version 2.0” videos - looks like it’s a more visual alternative to Scrivener with a better focus on character development.
I’ll give it a try with a non-fiction project I just started.


Posted by Hugh
Oct 21, 2019 at 03:49 PM


It remains interesting - but at $279 for a permanent licence, it’s hugely expensive compared with Scrivener and similar tools.


Posted by Listerene
Oct 21, 2019 at 05:48 PM


Not sure there are similar tools to the extent of this, certainly not Scrivener. Different capabilities, different audiences, different price points.

Still, this offers a free version which—from my quick look—can meet a lot of needs. Use it for planning & Scrivener for the writing. It also has a monthly option which can make it fairly reasonably-priced if you only subscribe as needed, using the free version in-between.

I’d add the hope that the Scrivener folks could add something like this to Scapple but that’s clearly futile since their programmers seem way too challenged for something this advanced.


Posted by washere
Oct 21, 2019 at 05:57 PM


@Franz pleasure. Someone else mentioned it last year too. Scriv 3 been out for Mac for a while & also has beta version 3 for Windows for a year now. Every two months it expires, but then new one is available for free, current one expires end of October, then Nov-Dec will be up:


It’s a must have. Dark modes are hidden in Options: Manage (bottom button)

@Hugh it’s a different beast to scriv which is mainly a text based writing manager. This is really being used for film, mainly growing TV industry as films productions have given way to them in terms of numbers & similar online producers (Netflix Hulu Amazon etc with Apple & Disney just joining in big time for next year). Based in Hollywood & NYC for most plus regional stations.

It’s mainly visual based not text as in scriv, so UI/UX similar to non linear video editing. Also heavily based on beats and other techniques used by pro screenwriters. And how to interlink, recur and weave etc & oversee them using the visual interface. These methods are rooted and used heavily in fiction writing, ie novels, as well as non fiction books. Literary critics know them well.

It’s expensive for the lifetime license but well worth it for the Target audience. I got a nice discount last year by emailing him, can’t remember how much. They have a nice closed support forum too. Owner is a nice Danish guy, his company is based in Las Vegas. The interface and features are constantly improved and expanded if installing the beta updates which work well. For the industry it’s in, it’s a bargain. For outliners I’d say very good for those planning & writing books, gives visual tools unlike others. Free version does most of the paid version anyway for most people.


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