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Does anyone know of an Ajax or similar free html resource - analogous to Tiddlywiki - that allows one to make drag-drop / rearrangeble single line lists / outlines?

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Posted by cicerosc
Jul 13, 2019 at 03:50 PM


I tried to make my title descriptive but here is what I am asking:

It occurs to me that many of my outlining needs are highly simple - just the ability to make a list of items that I can drag and drop and rearrange and constantly change as I work through them.

Preferably this would have at least two levels so as to be a true outline, but simplicity is all I need, and it occurs to me that I am thinking of something like Tiddly-wiki—

The ideal would be a free, downloadable or web-hostable html page that allows one to create one’s own simple list, view it on web or phone or any device, and simply make pure text edits and rearrange the items on the fly by drag and drop / sliding them. 

What I am talking about is pretty much the same as the Android “Outline” app works - https://android-outliner.blogspot.com/  - but I am thinking that the basics of a list, which is all I use it for, would not require an app, but could be done with some kind of basic html scripting and be self-contained, like Tiddlywiki.

I realize this skirts the edges of outlining, and I would prefer the items to be nestable to make a true outline.  But I could get by with a single line if it were self-contained, easy to edit the items, and allowed easy drag and drop rearrangement.

I should also stress that what I am thinking of should be totally free, like Tiddlywiki.  I checked but don’t think Tiddlywiki really works as a list or allows easy rearrangement of items.

If anyone has heard of such a thing I would greatly appreciate any tips. 


Posted by Dr Andus
Jul 13, 2019 at 04:54 PM


If you’re after simplicity, how about Google Keep? A ‘card’ does have two levels of hierarchy, are easy to rearrange, and it’s multi-platform and has auto-sync.

Otherwise WorkFlowy and Dynalist also come to mind, though rearranging on a smartphone might not be that convenient (but very easy with a keyboard or mouse).


Posted by Amontillado
Jul 13, 2019 at 07:18 PM


Would a word processor do? The nav panel might give you the drag and drop you want, or your word processor might allow dragging and dropping list elements.

I sometimes use OmniOutliner for a file-based, per-project to do list. It’s not what it’s for, but it works.


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