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Mellel 4.2 released

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Posted by Amontillado
Jun 27, 2019 at 01:08 AM


Haven’t had much of a look at it yet. New tables support, for one thing.

I’m still rather hooked on Nisus’s draft view, split windows, tabs, and the more natural (to me) handling of styles.

On the other hand, Mellel has an IOS version and I’m convinced it’s a more stable product, written with better attention to detail. Not that Nisus is buggy or crashes, I just have the feeling Mellel is a little more heavy-duty.


Posted by Hugh
Jun 27, 2019 at 11:18 AM


Mellel is, to my mind, undoubtedly more heavy-duty, particularly in relation to its page-layout features.

I’ve often looked it over with crimpish longing, but then cast the thought aside, because of the risk that playing with all its features would hinder the task of getting words on to the page.


Posted by Amontillado
Jun 27, 2019 at 12:52 PM


Quite so, Hugh, I agree. Just can’t help myself.

Nisus Writer Pro just released a bug-fix update, too, so it’s getting better all the time. I think there is a different rendering setup in the latest Nisus, so it may have picked up some output quality. I never had any real complaints, other than PDF files that didn’t seem to always have even line spacing. Not off by much, but if you looked close you could see some extra padding here and there.

Mellel, sadly, can’t be my one and only word processor. No mail merge, no split screen, no export to docx or epub. I could live without epub, but docx is in common use.

Mellel’s style handling is very good, but there conceptual differences that may derail some people. Global versus document styles, for example. Nothing hard about them, but I imagine some Mellel users never figure out what’s really going on.


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