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CintaNotes once more

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Posted by tightbeam
Jan 14, 2020 at 04:52 PM


There’s an explanation (of sorts) in the forum:

“After a server upgrade went not exactly as planned, I had to recover from the last backup, which alas was made 5 days ago.
Truly sorry for not making an extra backup before starting the upgrade. For some reason I thought that backups on DigitalOcean were daily whereas in fact they were weekly.”

WSP wrote:
This is just to report that the CintaNotes site is back online this
>morning, but with no explanation for its prolonged absence.
> >Bill


Posted by gunars
Jan 14, 2020 at 05:29 PM


That note was for mid-December, not for the outage in the last few days.


Posted by WSP
Jun 24, 2020 at 09:01 PM


It’s been a year since I raised some questions here about CintaNotes. I continue to use it regularly for certain purposes and find it extremely useful. But a few days ago I conducted an interesting experiment that startled me.

I had found on the Web a very large site with an enormous amount of material (text only) that I wanted to record, so I began dumping it all into a single Evernote note. Even at the time I realized this was not a good idea and that I should be creating a series of shorter notes, but I persisted in my folly. By the time I had thrown everything into one humongous note, I got a warning message on the screen that my note had exceeded the size limit. At that point I tried to delete the note I had just created, but Evernote crashed repeatedly.

Fair enough, I thought. That was rather silly of me. But then, just on impulse, I copied all of the same data into a single note in CintaNotes, which is of course a much more lightweight app, and to my astonishment it accepted this huge body of material without complaint, and I was then able to scroll through it quickly and without hesitation. I have no explanation for such unexpected behavior, except that Evernote nowadays increasingly feels like a quirky, overly complex program, whereas CintaNotes is bare-bones and extremely efficient.

I will of course to continue to fall back on Evernote daily, but this experience has given me new respect for the hidden power of CintaNotes. I had no idea that it could outperform Evernote in this way.


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