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Nimbus Notes Redux

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Posted by yosemite
Mar 14, 2020 at 12:55 AM


$69… marked down from $2,750!

Ha ha ha ha ha, that was a good laugh on a day in which I needed one.  Thank you.

Alexander Deliyannis wrote:
> This deal may be of interest:


Posted by Smithers
Mar 18, 2020 at 01:14 AM


Hey Stephen, and everyone talking about Nimbus Notes.

I’m not associated with the app. Just a user.  Thought I’d jump in to answer a few of the questions, as I actually know a few answers.

RUSSIA? AMERICA?: The app developer/owner is Russian, but the company is based in Cleveland Ohio.  His name’s Pavel. He’s a nice guy.

YOUR DATA’S LOCATION & EXPORTING IT: On this point, I have no idea where it’s stored.  I’ve wondered this myself although, it’s not that big of a concern for me at present time. 

How to export it… this too, has also been a pet peeve of mine. The only place I’ve found where you can actually export it is in the Windows app. This is bad and needs a remedy. 

I think it’s safe to say, that the with regards to where your data is stored and how to export it, Nimbus Notes is seriously lacking.  They definitely need some documentation.

That being said…

I’ve tried Evernote.  I’ve tried, Ulysses. I’ve tried all notes apps, and this Nimbus Notes (when used with slightly tweaked CSS), for me, is the closest thing I’ve found to the golden unicorn . 

It’s got:

- A real, live, actual file sidebar, that—if you use my css at the bottom of this post—will make your UI look like Ulysses.

- Wiki Style Links—you can create a link to any line of any text, in any note or folder.  And when you’re in one note, then click a Wiki Link to a specific line of another note, you really are taken to the specific line of that specific note—sometimes (I’ll admit, sometimes it doesn’t work).  REGARDLESS!  This, right here, to me, is a big deal. 

- Draggable columns—did you know that?  They just revamped their editor and it’s really slick.  You can create these “column-section-thingys” in a note that can have 2,3,4, or 5 columns.  You just drag the 3 circle thingy that’s on the left side of all lines of text when hovering over it.  No one else has that.

- Collapsable lists—that’s right: ordered & unordered lists collapse (although it could be done better.)

- You can embed videos from YouTube, files from google drive, or… upload, then watch videos directly to the Nimbus notes server (although their video player needs a bit of work.)

- Rich text - not markdown (thank you very much.)

What it needs is:
- A Better way to search, all your notes, like you can in Dynalist,
- A way to manually manage/drag files in the file sidebar.
- And there’s a whole bunch of other stuff it doesn’t have, but for me, it’s better than anything else. 

P.S. Below is a link to my css for Nimbus Notes.  If you’re a dark mode fan and use the dark mode in the app, to me, the css below makes everything easier to read:
There’s a whole bunch of other changes I made too.




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