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Personal Brain 4 beta released

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Posted by NW
Oct 14, 2006 at 10:39 PM


Hi all,

Not an outliner but may be of interest to some members of this group. TheBrain have just released a private beta of PB4. The major addition is the ability to export to HTML (& XML), including an animated version which mimics those cool graphics. I’ve used it on an off for a few years but always stayed clear of it for major work because I hated the idea of my info being locked away with no export features available. The following is a list of new features taken from a post on the Yahoo Group:

PersonalBrain 4 Key New Features

Improved visual interface

o Expanded view of thoughts that lets you see more of your Brain at
o Advanced graphics rendering engine for improved readability (anti-
aliasing, semi-transparent backgrounds, shadows, smart wallpaper
scaling, etc)
o Customizable thought icons
o Zoomable thumbnails for images
o Mass selection and deletion of thoughts

Powerful search:

o Indexed natural language search of all content including notes and
attachments in many file formats (Word, PDF, Excel, etc.)

Flexible storage

o Multiple attachments per thought
o “Save As” support
o XML export capability built in
o Unlimited numbers of thoughts and relationships

Easy ways to share your Brain

o Publish to HTML (generates a read-only version of your Brain that
can be accessed through any modern Web browser without the need for
any plug-ins)

Enhanced notes

o Spell checking
o Word count
o Hyperlinks
o Tables
o Multi-level bullets and numbered lists


Posted by Stephen Zeoli
Oct 16, 2006 at 12:10 AM



Thanks for the update. The improvements sound very promising. Any word about when the final release might be available?

Steve Z.


Posted by NW
Oct 16, 2006 at 12:42 PM



No dates yet that I have seen. It looks like they are going to collate all beta comments and work out how long to fix bugs and add any extra functionality based on those comments. The first beta release has some functionality, such as search, missing. The beta copies have a 30 day license, so there may be another beta containing search around mid-Nov. I will would guess that the start of next year as being the date they are targeting.


Stephen Zeoli wrote:
> >Thanks for the update. The improvements sound very promising. Any word about
>when the final release might be available?
> >Steve Z. 


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