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Atlantis Word Processor has been on a roll

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Posted by cicerosc
Oct 8, 2019 at 10:54 PM


I monitor Atlantis closely, use it regularly, and post on the Atlantis forums. I am glad someone called attention to the collapsing heading feature as I intended to, but didn’t find time to post.  I am only getting started using it but it seems to work very well.  Atlantis’ “control panel” already had lots of useful features, and now with collapsible headings it is significantly more friendly to outlining. 

In reading the comments I can address the Linux comment. All my desktops run Linux, and in one of the more recent revisions Atlantis switched something in its code to specifically address problems running under wine.

Whereas in the past I would have glitches when running Atlantis in wine, it is now rock solid and gives me no problems whatsoever.

As other posters have said Atlantis does not meet every need, but it is a great tool and I use it all the time rather than the standard suites.


Posted by Steve
Oct 9, 2019 at 01:50 PM


I like Atlantis a lot.  It’s fast, it manages words, paragraphs, pages, etc beautifully and easily.

There are some “features” that it does not support.  That’s the way it should be; stay focused and avoid bloat.


Posted by jaslar
Oct 10, 2019 at 06:00 PM


I started a long time ago with Red Hat, then moved to PC-LinuxOS, did a spell with Ubuntu, Mint, and now mostly use either Lubuntu (a familiar eco-system) or most recently, Solus (which is a very elegant and speedy distro). I guess Chrome OS is also a Linux derivative. I’ve also fiddled with Peppermint and MX-Linux. Today, most of them are so good that they are perfectly acceptable alternatives to Windows or the Mac OS, with not even much of a learning curve anymore. I start most of my writing in Dynalist (first draft, structural editing), Simplenote (markup for posting to blogs and the like), and Google Docs for longer form pieces that need some deeper editing. Those tools can be accessed from anything, including my Android phone or aging iPad.

washere wrote:

>jaslar wrote:
>I’ve left Windows for good, and don’t know if I want to wrestle it in
>>Wine on Linux. But Atlantis looks good, has a reasonable price ($35),
>>and with collapsable headings, looks pretty useable. I’m glad to see
>>this outliner-like functions in editors. So logical!
> >Yes, increasingly tempting to cut ties with Windows and it’s apps as the
>years go by. Which Linux distro(s) have you used so far?


Posted by washere
Oct 10, 2019 at 11:01 PM


Thanks jaslar. I hardly turn on my Linux laptop (ubuntu), MacBook, Chromebook or tablets as short of time these days. Nor the Windows Linux (WSL) I installed (will be native soon if as MS promised), with a nice UI enviro.

I got a list of 4 distros to test, probably well into next year. Top of which is Zorin OS (Core version, they also have lite, edu, €39 lifetime license version similar to Core with a few goodies).

Seems you’ve gone well into the clouds. My favorite outliner app also runs on Windows, Macs (Android mini app) and also Linux with many distros supported, he’s the most genius outliner Dev there is, even if it only ran on one OS:



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