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Software Request: Open Source Personal Content Repository

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Posted by Slartibartfarst
Sep 22, 2018 at 01:52 PM


Here’s hoping that this info (below) may be of some use/interest.
I posted a comment in an earlier, separate discussion thread in this [b]outlinersoftware.com[/b] forum and which was relevant to and covered the majority of the requirements/points outlined in this thread, plus quite a few more:
  [b]Subject: Zettelkasten Software Experience Write-Up Collection[/b]
[b]Quote #1:[/b]
Posted by Slartibartfarst
Dec 5, 2015 at 05:06 AM
I hope this experiential tip is a useful comment on this subject:
Microsoft OneNote - how to make it your 21st century Zettelkasten PIM.

Copied from: Outliner Software: Zettelkasten Software Experience Write-Up Collection -

[b]End of Quote.[/b]

Further down in the [b]donationcoder.com[/b] thread, is mentioned:
[b]Quote #2:[/b]
[b]4. Taxonomy:[/b] OneNote does not force an artificial framework of reference on the user, and is thus flexible in that regard. As things currently stand, there is no specific taxonomy for my PIM/KM, but I am working towards the idea of aligning it with the Topic Maps standard (ISO-13250), which defines a method to organise information in a way that enhances navigation and learning. ...
[b]End of Quote.[/b]


Posted by Donovan
Sep 22, 2018 at 10:33 PM


thouqht wrote:
For anyone interested, I’ve decided to go with org-mode (via spacemacs)
>combined with github & dropbox. Big ol’ learning & configuration
>investment, but since I have a programming background and am already a
>heavy vim user this makes sense.
>In terms of future proof text file manipulation, I don’t think anything
>else offers a more robust setup.

I’m glad you found Org-mode will work for you. After reading your original post again I realize I must have misread or confused it with another post concerning pulling ALL digital content together and having it easily accessible. Another read and I realize you needed something for text manipulation and even creation inside of your solution. So, my post on pulling everything together with a robust front-end was obviously of no use to you. My apologies for my own lack of careful reading. Hope my thoughts created a spark with somebody, though off-topic, in corralling all of our digital content.


Posted by MadaboutDana
Sep 23, 2018 at 08:50 AM


Actually, in view of your needs, you could do worse than look at Zettlr (recently referenced in another thread). I’m using it in conjunction with AutoTask (formerly Soonr, a business-oriented Dropbox equivalent) to sync stuff between Macs. Based on GitHub Markdown, it also supports HTML coding, as well as syntax highlighting for the following languages (if that’s something that interests you):

C (c)
C# (csharp)
C++ (cpp)
CSS (css)
Java (java)
JavaScript (javascript)
LESS (less)
Objective C (objectivec)
PHP (php)
Python (python)
R (r)
Ruby (ruby)
SQL (sql)
Swift (swift)
YAML (yaml)

It supports Pandoc and LaTeX, too, not least in order to offer a wide variety of output options, including PDF, HTML, ODT, DOCX, RTF, TeX, ORG, mWiki, rST and Txtl.

It also supports:
- file identifiers for sophisticated cross-referencing (if you want it – otherwise tags)
- tagging
- multiple projects (each based in its own directory with subdirectories; notes stored as standard .txt or .md files); means you could use multiple file syncing systems such as Dropbox, iCloud, Syncthing etc. to host projects if you so wished
- virtual directories (for focusing on specific topics)
- a very powerful search function that is also cross-directory, with highlighting, and

it appears to have an intelligent, thoughtful developer who’s open to suggestions. It’s also open-source. As a repository for personal content, I think it has legs! Personally, I vastly prefer it over TheBrain, but if you really love the visual thing, its markdown support means you could also open the files in a markdown-compatible mind or concept mapper.



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