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Teaser - Polywick Story Server

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Posted by Bobby Parker
Feb 27, 2019 at 05:06 PM


Indeed. I love EccoPro for the sheer nostalgia it invokes for that time when all such applications were just made of pure magic. Everyone had After Dark screensavers, and a lot of the personal applications people used, were carved from that same magic cloth.

I do miss those days. Computing got better, and our problems multiplied :D. I would totally use it, if it’s real.

...but you know, I tried to write an EccoPro clone. Multiple times. It was actually kinda boring. And a lot of work to hit a visual target, that’s really kinda outdated. The input model is really so primitive, I can (and have) duplicated it with other things, and plugged it into bigger systems(Higher-level tools like Jira/Confluence, and other dev tools, can do this stuff near automatically).

It’s pretty impossible though, I think, to capture data of the richness required by today’s standards, and funnel/flatten/simplify that into an Ecco-ish interface. You need way more metadata than it provides for.

MadaboutDana wrote:
Oh dear, it’s sad to see this promising little project mired in such
> >I suggest it’s time for us all to step back and reflect on an app that
>was, in its time, truly revolutionary, but now, alas, has been allowed
>to go the way of the dodo.
> >Namely, Blackwell Idealist.
> >When we first started up in business, I built our first networked admin
>database using Idealist. Such was the flexibility of this wonderful
>bibliographic tool and its simple scripting language that this was
>relatively easy to do for somebody who, at that time, had absolutely no
>programming experience at all.
> >We used it (as a fully LAN-capable system) for about 8 years before I
>finally replaced it with something much more sophisticated and
>relational (but still nowhere near professional) in FileMaker Pro.
> >Now I loved Ecco Pro in its day. But technology, as others have already
>remarked, has moved on - and in particular, so have user interfaces. So:
>charming as I find the Polywick attempt to recreate Ecco Pro with more
>modern underpinnings, I’m afraid they lost me at the UI (and especially
> >I admire all independent developers, especially passionate ones, but
>sometimes you’ve got to take a big step back from what you’re doing and
>consider it from a contemporary perspective.
> >And let’s face it, Idealist was the ultimate in streamlined, futuristic
>simplicity. Even by modern standards. Whereas Ecco Pro was already
>looking old-fashioned by 1998 - albeit charmingly so.
> >Peace and love, everyone!


Posted by MadaboutDana
Feb 28, 2019 at 08:30 AM


Ah, now that’s an aphorism for our times!

Bobby Parker wrote:
>  Computing got better, and our problems multiplied


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