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The future of OneNote

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Posted by bartb
Apr 23, 2018 at 01:57 AM


From a device/network management point of view: if you’re a teacher or administrator, then Chrome books are a godsend - if you’re a student, not so much (they can’t wait to get home to their iPad’s). 

Dr Andus wrote:
satis wrote:
>Evernote operates on an “everything in a notebook” model, while Google
>>utilizes Drive and Keep and Docs to provide a more traditional
>>files/folders framework. Google changed its priorities from pushing out
>>apps or competing in the app space when they want people instead to use
>>their services. In the last two years they’ve made this more explicit,
>>killing off Chrome-browser apps and Picasa amongst other things. I’m
>>amazed Google Earth is still around.
>>OneNote and Microsoft To-Do are the alternative lock-in attempt by
>>Microsoft, more emulating Apple’s ecosystem approach, while Google goes
>>its own way.
> >The way I see it, Google is challenging Apple and MS at nearly every
>level, though not always in the most visible or apparent way.
> >Chrome OS, the operating system is at the heart of this, with
>Chromebooks replacing PCs and iPads in the education system, with the G
>Suite challenging MS Office and 365, and with the integration/merger of
>Chrome OS with Android (and possibly Fuschia replacing either or both),
>also challenging iOS and Windows.
> >I think Google is more interested in providing the OS than specific apps
>(other than the crucial parts of the G Suite). So in the note-taking
>world it’s more likely that independent app developers will be coming up
>with the more interesting solutions, often integrated with the
>aforementioned education market (which is a huge wave of users moving
>through the US education system right now, just arriving at university
>and wondering why on earth their profs are asking them to submit MS Word
> >Examples of these are Kami, the PDF reader and annotator, or Squid, the
>Android app, which convertible Chromebook users are adopting for taking
>notes with a stylus.
> >This Chromebook user base is going to be so huge (given the size of the
>US education system), that app developers sooner or later are going to
>start paying more attention to Chromebook-compatible web apps and
>Android apps.
> >There are already signs that businesses are starting to get on the G
>Suite band wagon (and all we need to wait is for another 4-5 years when
>the current US university students will enter the business world), so
>that could be the next wave of adoption.
> >I’m not really seeing anything from Apple or MS to indicate that they
>are ready for this new world. It seems that they’re still focused on
>milking their cash cows than adjusting to this new reality.
> >


Posted by NickG
Apr 23, 2018 at 02:19 PM


Dr Andus wrote:

>I think Google is more interested in providing the OS than specific apps
I think Google is solely interested in pushing any route that pulls you into its space. The purpose of the Chromebook is to pull you in.

I’m not judging good or bad, simply making an observation


Posted by Dr Andus
Apr 23, 2018 at 11:24 PM


bartb wrote:
>(they can’t wait to get home to their iPad’s). 

What’s your evidence for that?


Posted by Dellu
Apr 24, 2018 at 05:26 AM


Google’s products are too transient. They develop sth—few years—just drop it.

I don’t really thrust them.

Apple is mean company. They are just to the money than developing a product that truly helps people. I hated that they are prosecuting small maintenance shops for using second hand iPhone spare parts.

Apple shows corporate GREED at its best

I don’t be sad if Apple just disappears in a night.

I think Onenote is great. They are developing it good. it is one of the most powerful information management systems out there. it is free. it is rich.  The sync is improving. The features are growing.
I am a Mac user for now. But, I always see my future with Onenote.


Posted by tightbeam
Apr 24, 2018 at 11:17 AM


Dr. Andus: You’re letting your own zeal for Chrome get in the way of common sense. Kids who live on their iPhones aren’t going to take a big step back and embrace Chromebooks over iPads. Schools may be moving toward Chromebooks because of the cheaper cost, but I wouldn’t read anything more into it than that. And OneNote is most definitely the de facto note-taking software in academia: it’s free, it’s easily available, and it’s distributed by a “trusted” vendor - Microsoft.


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