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Clibu V2 - Accessible Knowledge - with full Smartphone, Tablet and Desktop PC support.

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Posted by Neville Franks
Dec 5, 2017 at 08:34 PM


Clibu Version 2 was released yesterday and is a major new release which fully supports Smartphones, Tablets as well as Desktops with all capabilities available on all platforms.

Clibu V2 completes the first stage of an extensive update to turn Clibu into a Progressive Web Application or PWA. This enables it to adapt and respond to different devices and screen sizes providing an optimal user interface and user experience on all devices.

With Clibu all of you content is always up to date across all devices, gone are the days of manually synchronizing data. Clibu has true hierarchical tags, a full featured wysiwyg content editor, multiple knowledge bases, sharing and collaboration, web clipper, full text search and much more.

Future plans include full offline support, extending the on-premise version to provide Mac and Linux versions in addition to Windows, editor enhancements possibly with markdown support, more drag and drop capabilities, improved search, import/export etc.

If you’ve never tried Clibu or looked at an older version, please do try V2 and let us know your thoughts, so we can continue to improve it to meet your needs and wants.

See the Clibu V2 Pt1 Blog post. for more information and the Clibu website. https://blog.clibu.com/2017/12/05/clibu-version-2-easier-to-use-and-better-looking-with-smartphone-tablet-support-pt-1/ and https://clibu.com/

- Neville Franks, Clibu a better way to collect, use, manage and share information across all devices.


Posted by Prion
Dec 6, 2017 at 06:58 AM


Nice looking website and informative as well, found the information I was looking for right there. Can install on my own server? Consider me even more interested, I’ll test that once the self-hostable version becomes available.

One small remark, I am always left feeling slightly uncomfortable reading about the proverbial cup of coffee as a point of reference because the range can be huge and (according to some) applies equally to software costing 3 bucks a month or 150. This is not unreasonable given that some people buy expensive coffee daily but it no longer serves as the analogy of something easily affordable. Personally, I am totally fine to read that at some point in the future it will cost money (again, easily found on the website) but I’d be happier to read that the cost of a licence is still being determined.

But back to Clibu v2, which looks like it has matured nicely since v1.



Posted by Neville Franks
Dec 6, 2017 at 09:53 AM


Hi Prion,
Thanks for the positive feedback. Good to hear you like the improvements we’ve made with V2. I’m very biased, but do think it looks and feels a lot better than V1. And having it work across devices makes it so much more useful.

Re. the price of a cup of coffee - we are looking at coffee costing

< $5 a cup. :-) We'll most likely have month by month and annual pricing, with the later being discounted.

I've done two new releases since yesterday to fix some issues, which you can read about here


- Neville


Posted by Franz Grieser
Dec 6, 2017 at 10:23 AM


Hi Neville

Does Clibu 2 now work with Firefox? In the 2 blog posts from January you mentioned problems with Firefox.

Thanks, Franz


Posted by gunars
Dec 6, 2017 at 03:47 PM


>  all of you content is always up to date across all devices, gone are the days of manually synchronizing data.

The snarky codger in me would rephrase that as “back to 40 years ago when all terminals displayed a current view to a central mainframe”, but that of course is not specific to Clibu :-)

I haven’t entered much new info into Surfulater since the Firefox plugin stopped working, but I do have some 800 entries currently.  Can Clibu import that old info in any way?


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