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is Scapple the best for "thinking on paper"

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Posted by washere
Nov 25, 2017 at 01:18 AM


Having research background in a few diverse fields plus commercial experience, And having tested well over 300 related softwares over the last few years of all genres from Outliners, Trees, Notes, MindMaps, DBs, Virtual Boards, Cards, txt/code editors, IDEs, TimeLiners, Projects/Schedulers, my own personal coded apps, RPG platforms, etc etc, all selected down into a ToolChian of about select 15 to 25 building blocks to choose for each task, I can confirm nothing beats pen and paper for brainstorming in a few scientific and creative areas I use them for.

Except: the brain. Visualization techniques in one’s “brain” I devised for brainstorming which beat even pen and paper. PLUS memory indexing techniques and mind training routines which are also needed. But it needed training to be able do complex visualizations and more ie: dynamic, like building up muscles. Then it goes into memory index then physically on pen & paper or notes/diagrams . Then several building blocks from the toolchain are chosen to suite the task. I would not call it mental pen & paper because it is not 2D, it is not even just 3D but dynamic and in time or 4D plus interactive. It takes some self training, one can start with a few techniques initially.

Further down the chain, for Mind Mapping, needed for complex structures, I use a couple softwares not mentioned so far in this thread. As for Scapple I replaced it with another software which is actually not of a visual diagram genre. But any extra free features updates for Scapple as promised would be welcome, in case I use it again which I doubt.


Posted by Paul Korm
Nov 25, 2017 at 10:05 AM


Since the theme of the thread is software—pllease share the names of the “couple of softwares not mentioned” and “another software”

@washere wrote
>Further down the chain, for Mind Mapping, needed for complex structures, I use a couple softwares not mentioned so far in this thread.
>As for Scapple I replaced it with another software which is actually not of a visual diagram genre.


Posted by washere
Nov 25, 2017 at 11:53 AM


* For basic to mid-level mind mapping I need something I like UI-wise, on Windows & Android, with enough import/export options, and that can be set to black background/themes. Everything i use is set to black, desktop & even Windows modded themes for black explorer windows etc to Android Substratum black themes which lets me set everything to Black/dark themes. Also I have to like using this as it is used most so I use SimpleMind with black backgrounds & its wonderful color themes for Windows & Android. It is a joy to use, not to mention full of features I need.

* For advanced mind mapping I need import/export to the max incl. .txt/.tab copy & paste. (ConnectedText wiki maker (not a mind map app) is a secondary choice for such txt/tab conversions, but I don’t like the spirit of that software. I don’t need Wiki makers either, better ones out there). Also I need as much features as poss plus multi format templates etc so for very complex AND Large diagrams the only choice with all the above for me is Mindjet MindManager. Sometimes I use their rivals, XMind & MindGenuis & a few others if there is a prob. About 500 portable apps on my tiny USB+C-Type SD-Card reader which is always on my overcrowded multi tool/gadget keyring switch. So if MindManager can not hack some format, one of the others on the SD-Card will wherever I am, but that need is rather rare.

* I used to use Scapple for fast text listing within nodes, copy & paste, quick re-arrange and then onto bigger tools. Basically as a fast “list maker/re-arranger & multi list topologies” (not for mind mapping) in certain cases, not often, depending on the task. For this “multi list” layout initial hacking in the toolchain, when needed occasionally, I now use TreeSheets. Unique useful features, wonderfully spirited piece of work and also a joy to use.


Posted by Jeffery Smith
Nov 25, 2017 at 03:28 PM


This may be common knowledge already, but if you have Scapple 1.2, the newer 1.3 version is not yet on the App Store. Apple is still examining it to make sure it conforms to their requirements. However, the trial version is good for 15 days, and Literature and Latte says that Scapple should be posted in the App Store soon.


Posted by Dellu
Nov 25, 2017 at 06:38 PM


bobmclain wrote:
> I don’t think Literature and Latte designed Scapple to compete with the heavier tools mentioned here. Scapple has a specific, narrow purpose, and does it well. That it *doesn’t* clutter its feature set is a good thing.

I totally agree with this idea.
I think the simplicity in Scapple is on purpose.
And, that is its main strength.


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