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Posted by Dellu
Nov 10, 2017 at 12:54 PM


I agree, direct quicklook plugin to the Tinderbox file is hopless. It is too complex process and I don’t think Eastgate also want to go that way.

A glimse of hope I have is if both way syncing to Devonthink could be done, Devonthink can push these individual notes to Spotlight using its internal technology, that Korm has noted.

- For me, it already feasible to completely avoid storing notes inside Tinderbox’s database altogether and rely on the Watch (sync) feature.

Over the years, what I learned is that these small pieces of notes are extremely useful when indexed in Spotlight—as I ramdomly discover gems while searching around. I often get surprise that I have already written (commented) some note a few years ago on a topic that I am searching about.
Memory fades. These notes from years back take me by surprise. Devonthink’s AI also do similar magic that the agents and careful structures of TB cannot do.


Posted by Prion
Nov 10, 2017 at 01:07 PM


Yes, Devonthink was precisely what I was thinking about.

Now that Tinderbox has unique Note URLs that allow addressing notes from outside of Tinderbox (incl Spotlight?) perhaps someone should suggest this to Mark Bernstein. It does not seem unreasonably difficult but then I again I have zero inside knowledge.


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