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Problems with Notebooks

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Posted by Tomasz Raburski
Aug 29, 2017 at 10:41 AM


A week ago I informed you, that I’ve tried in vain to run Notebooks on Windows 10. Here’s what happened next. After 10 days I got an email from support center, saying that they will research the issue. By then, however, I figured out what was the problem..

During installation, you choose a “Notebooks Home Folder”, where the app keeps the notes. Unfortunately I’ve chosen a folder containing few very large txt files. Notebooks was trying to open them at startup and crashed every time. Reinstallation didn’t solve this problem, because the setup didn’t ask me again about home folder location. CCleaning didn’t help either. I had to move the large files from the folder, reopen Notebooks and change home folder from the preferences.

I fiddled with it for a while I run into another bug. Windows version of Notebooks do not have internal pdf viewer. When you add a pdf to your notebook, it tries to open it in external viewer, but fails ((no idea why). When the file is larger (>10 Mb) it crashes again. Unfortunatelly, on next startup it crashes again, trying to open the same file.


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