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Ultra Recall on Bits du Jour on the 25th June - 62% discount

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Posted by Gorski
Jun 27, 2008 at 12:13 AM


You can tell a restaurant is about to close when it begins offering a daily special after never having done so before.

That said, I bought Ultra Recall Pro at a discounted price the last time they sold it this way. I never would have tried it at its full $99 price because I thought of it as just another tree-based PIM. Now I’m hooked and will gladly pay full price the next time I’m required to for an upgrade.

The fact that they just added a bunch of new features in version 3.5 is a good sign they’ll be here for a while.


Posted by Thomas
Jun 27, 2008 at 11:20 PM


This is not the first time they are offering such steep discount.
There are many other companies offering steep discounts on bitsdujour and similar sites.
UR has long history.
The 3.5 release being rather recent, I’m wondering how you find them missing, it’s probably few weeks to months until next release. They are not overly active on the forums anyway, though they answer often. Maybe they just took some short well-deserved vacation.
Not sure if other replies covered this already, bitsdujour website targets different users, mostly those who would have never bought UR otherwise. Discount seekers, and impulse buyers. Yes, there is some intersection with those who would have bought anyway, but IMHO (and what I know from other developers and from the original creators and owners of bitsdujour) the lost income is more than balanced by the extra sales on most titles offered, and consequently through upgrade fees (though years later).


Posted by critStock
Jun 28, 2008 at 01:02 AM


Thomas wrote:
>The 3.5 release being rather recent”

I double-checked, and 3.5 was released May 28—a month ago. Hardly an eon. And a quick survey of the forums shows Kinook responding promptly to queries steadily over the last couple of months (that’s all I checked). Their roadmap, posted in the forums, was last updated April 26. I don’t see any sign of neglect or trouble WHATSOEVER.

I write this not to be argumentative, but rather b/c I wouldn’t want anyone to be leery of Ultra Recall because of erroneous information. This is a matter not only of ethics, but also of self-interest: the more people use Ultra Recall, the stronger it will get and the more inclined Kinook will be to develop it. (Er, either that, or they will end up biting off more than they can chew like that poor fellow at GemX. I hope not!)



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