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Day One gives itself a "Premium" service

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Posted by Paul Korm
Jul 22, 2017 at 10:09 AM


Michael Tsai (SpamSieve) has an short thread regarding subscriptions on his blog.


His conclusion (thus far)

@Michael Tsai wrote:
>My hunch is that, for an app under ongoing development, many people would be fine paying a subscription that averages out to about the same amount they had previously been paying per year (initial purchase plus occasional upgrades). When I hear that an app is switching to a “sustainable model,” this is what I assume people mean is happening. The benefits to the developer are obvious, and provided that development continues at the same pace it seems fair to the customer as well. (Let’s put aside for now the concern that subscriptions change incentives, so that you’d be paying the same price but not getting the type of development that you want.) It may even be beneficial because the costs are more predictable, and you can avoid large up-front payments for big apps.
>But that doesn’t seem to be what’s been happening. Instead, we’ve seen subscriptions combined with price increases, customers balking, and insinuations that people just don’t want to pay for anything anymore. With more than one variable changing at once, I don’t think we can conclude that people hate subscriptions. Am I missing any examples of apps that switched to subscriptions without really changing the price?

@MadaboutDana wrote:
I think that’s what’s baffled me most about the DayOne change - it’s so
>unclear! I mean, WTF?


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