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CRIMP Defined




Tines 1.10.1

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Posted by Larry Kollar
Jan 2, 2017 at 04:09 AM


I’ve released a minor update to Tines, the console-mode outliner. Quick summary:

* Bug fix: changed $pid definition to a string so it can be used in macros
* Increased menu entry count from 24 to 30
* Bug fix: improved handling when too many contexts are defined
* Some RC file cleanup, improved Markdown output

Since 1.10, Tines has had an OPML-centric mode that will likely become its default going forward. Typing “topml

” at the shell prompt starts Tines with an RC file that provides a modified set of menus and defaults to importing/exporting OPML format.

Yeah, you still have to compile it. I’m working on packages.

The Tines homepage on Github: https://github.com/larrykollar/tines
Start here for documentation: https://github.com/larrykollar/tines/wiki


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