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Hyper Plan update

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Posted by Mark_in_Bangkok
Jan 15, 2017 at 01:46 PM


I bought Hyper Plan a few weeks ago.
(No special deal.  Three days of free trial convinced me to pay full price and get it immediately.)

Since then, using it every day; almost every hour.

One reason I selected Hyper Plan, was the helpful attitude of Andy Brice’s posts on this forum.
I noticed that and expected his attitude to carry over into his software.
It has.

I moved my ToDo list of about 250 items from a spreadsheet into Hyper Plan.
At first, easy and fun.
Learning curve is very gentle.

But the “thinking curve” is not so gentle.
I didn’t anticipate that the design concept of Hyper Plan would start me thinking in such depth about my ToDo priorities and organization.
But that was the result of multiple dimensions of visual position + color + movement + pivot tables + unlimited additional fields.
All that thinking wasn’t so much fun, but the result has been vastly increased clarity about my priorities.

I’m very pleased with Hyper Plan and happy to recommend it to others.

If questions about getting started, as a new user, I can reply here.



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