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GrandView for Windows v1

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Posted by Dee
Feb 29, 2016 at 04:47 PM


GrandView for Windows v1
~ assembled by :Dee ~

I have put together a version of GrandView 2.0 for DOS that is completely portable, fully functional, and ready to run on any modern version of Windows, using vDos-lfn, a variant of the excellent DOS emulator vDos.*

Although GrandView predates the World Wide Web, it had sophisticated capabilities for its time, including extensive mouse support, multiple document windows, inter-document links, item “clones,” and date and category assignment, in addition to its powerful outlining features. Its demise is regretted by many to this day.

Installation Instructions

1. Download the “GrandViewForWinV1.zip” file here:

2. Unblock the downloaded zip file: Right-click it, select Properties, and click the “Unblock” button. This prevents Windows from giving a security warning when you run GrandView.

3. Extract the zip file. By default, Windows will extract it to a folder named GrandViewForWinV1, which can be renamed if desired. I will refer to it as the program folder.

4. In the program folder, run the “GrandView Shortcut Creator.vbs”, which will create a shortcut called “GrandView” to run the program.
  (If you prefer to create a shortcut manually, set its target to “vDos-lfn.exe” in the vDos-lfn subfolder, and - this is important - set it to “start in” the GV subfolder.)

5. Read the “README.pdf” to get started.

The program folder is only 13 MB in size, and leaves no files or registry entries anywhere else on your computer. It can be uninstalled by simply deleting it (after exporting any GrandView documents you want to save).


*A big thank you to Jos Schaars for developing vDos (https://www.vdos.info), and to Wengier Wu for creating vDos-lfn (https://sourceforge.net/p/vdos/discussion/modifiedvdos/thread/270c9f18), a variant of vDos which is more compatible with GrandView.

(In vDos, some keyboard shortcuts don’t work, such as Shift + arrow keys to move outline items, and the right Alt + letter keys. vDos-lfn adds keyboard IRQ1/INT9 support, which enables almost all of GrandView’s keyboard shortcuts.)

vDos is free for personal use, but if you continue to use it, I encourage you to purchase a license or make a donation (https://www.vdos.info/register.html). If vDos detects a network connection (e.g. on a business computer), it will occasionally display the “About” dialog box.

Also, a big thank you to Jim W. and Daniel G., who scanned and shared the GrandView 2.0 Reference Guide (http://tech.kateva.org/2014/02/grandview-outliner-and-information.html), which, at 736 pages and searchable, was surely a labor of love. :)

Dedicated to all those who sing the praises of GrandView.
~ Let the fun begin! ~



Posted by Dee
Mar 2, 2016 at 12:25 PM


Also, for your peace of mind, I submitted the above “GrandViewForWinV1.zip” download link to VirusTotal, Google’s online virus scanning service.

The report is here:

Click on “Go to downloaded file analysis” to see the results of the virus scan on the file itself, which passed 55 different virus scans.

You can browse the contents of the “GrandViewForWinV1.zip” file on Google Drive here:



Posted by Bob Spies
Mar 2, 2016 at 08:07 PM


Fantastic! Now how about creating a “Grandview for Mac”. :)


Posted by Dr Andus
Mar 2, 2016 at 10:15 PM


If anyone manages to get this up and running, would you mind sharing some screenshots?


Posted by Dee
Mar 3, 2016 at 12:18 AM


Bob Spies wrote:
> Fantastic! Now how about creating a “Grandview for Mac”. :)


  Sorry, can’t help with that ... but there are ways to run Windows programs on Macs, no?

(In which case you’d be running GrandView in a DOS emulator in a Windows emulator on a Mac!)


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