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Fetchnotes is Back!

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Posted by Donovan
Feb 16, 2016 at 01:22 AM


Got an email from Corey Crellin:

Dear Fetchnotes friends,

Today, you, me, and thousands of others were slated to lose access to a product we love. After acquiring Fetchnotes last year, Drift announced that they had shifted focus and were shutting down the app.

I didn’t feel quite right about that, and it turns out some of the original founders of Fetchnotes felt the same way. The app’s unique approach to organization and syncing across all devices made our day-to-day lives a whole lot easier—and we didn’t want to lose that. So, with their support, I’ve purchased Fetchnotes, assumed all of the monthly costs, and hope to turn Fetchnotes into a sustainable service.

My main gig is as a product manager in the FinTech industry, and it’s clear that Fetchnotes is not only an impressive product—it also has tons of untapped potential. My new friends (the original founders) told me that Fetchnotes has always had a unique, special community, and I want to reinvest in that community. My vision for Fetchnotes is to be a product supported by member contributors, as well as users and friends who dedicate a little bit of time and resources to work together, design, develop, and release new features.

Fetchnotes is now yours, mine, and all of ours.

I’ve personally committed to footing the bill for the next few months, allowing Fetchnotes to keep the lights on as we build out a sustainability strategy. I would sincerely appreciate any contribution you’re willing to make to keep the product alive—pay whatever amount feels right.

Become a contributer here: http://www.fetchnotes.com/views/donate_landing.html

If you have any questions, are interested in contributing as a developer/designer, or just want to chat, drop me a line and say hi!

Your new friend,

Corey Crellin


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