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New release of NoteCase Pro for desktop and for Android

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Posted by Marbux
Feb 14, 2016 at 11:51 PM


Notecase Pro v4.1.5 desktop edition and v1.1.3 Android edition have just been released. Downloads are now available at http://www.notecasepro.com/download.php

Both editions were released simultaneously due to file format changes done in this cycle. Due to many API changes, new document synchronization server will minimally require NoteCase Pro desktop v. 4.1.5 and Android v. 1.1.3

Changes were needed to implement Android synchronization feature, marked experimental in this cycle. Android synchronization should work OK other than few things that are not yet being synced: document custom properties and bookmarks, note custom properties, and note task fields. This is not critical because those fields can not be edited yet on Android.


* File format upgrade: attachments now have unique ID code, store records of the deleted attachments

* Option added to perform Replace actions within selected text only.

* Task notes now can have a Lua script assigned that will be executed when the task expires (together with a new scriptable program command, this enables automated processing of expired tasks, e.g., move them to an archive branch or document).

* Improved quality for Xmind, Basket, Freemind, MindManager, RTF, and HTML document importing.

* Several changes to improve support for CJK languages.

* Updated embedded Lua script interpreter to latest version, 5.3.2.

* Many new scriptable program commands added, including for the synchronization server program.

* Four new shipping scripts added: 54_JoinLines.lua, 55_DumpDocumentFile,lua, 56_SyncListRemote.lua, and 57_SyncDiffRemote.lua.

* Bug fixes

For the detailed change list, see: http://www.notecasepro.com/history.php


* File format upgrade: attachments now have unique ID code, store records of the deleted attachments

* Native synchronization support through NcSyncServer desktop program (experimental)


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