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NoteCase Pro holiday season sale

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Posted by Marbux
Nov 8, 2015 at 09:51 PM


Until January 15, NoteCase Pro is offering two licenses for the price of one for holiday gift-giving purposes See details at http://notecasepro.com/ (requires email addresses for all recipients).

NoteCase Pro is a multi-platform hierarchical outliner with features such as:

* Rich text editing.
* Audio recording and playback.
* Memory-only flat list view that can be filled by search, double-clicking on a note tag, or by script.
* Extensible with scripts or plugins, with many free scripts and plugins available.
* Embedded Lua script interpreter and over 300 program methods in its application programming interface.
* Encrypted and non-encrypted native file formats.
* Import 37 different file formats, including many outliner formats.
* Export to many formats, including HTML, RTF, TXT, Markdown, LaTeX, OPML, tabbed TXT, and CSV.
* Note clones (enables editing of multiple notes from the original or any of its clones).
* Hyperlinking, including note and inline links.
* Note tags and custom note properties.
* Document synchronization server.
* Intelligent document merging, e.g., merge different drafts of the same document.
* Task management system.
* Attach files embedded in notes.
* Many other features described at http://notecasepro.com/features.php

Best regards,



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