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NovaMind Subscription

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Posted by Paul Korm
Jul 30, 2014 at 10:14 AM


NovaMind announces today a subscription model for its products, that it claims will provide access to products on OS X, Windows, Android, iPad, and “cloud” (i.e., a website-based client).  Follows the trend toward subscription “mind mapping” already embraced by Buzan, MindJet, Mindmeister, Xmind, TheBrain and others.


The announcement (a very very verbose announcement) speaks of no significant functional upgrades or additions.  The rationale offered for “why switch to a subscription model” is:

“Cheaper” (i.e., paying monthly forever to a license is cheaper than paying once and done)

“Fits the needs of most people in the connected world” (i.e., we’re better off, somehow, if we don’t have to deal with licenses for every product platform)

“Less confusing” (i.e., same reason as above)

“You get new features sooner” (not sure why this is a benefit or even different, since reading on in the announcement it is clear there are major differences in the platform products that might never be the same)

“Easier to support for you” (“easier” for NovaMind, not better, cheaper or faster for customers)

I’ve always enjoyed using NovaMind on OS X - because it is a pleasant working environment, not because it is materially better than other mind managers.  I see no reason to buy into the subscription program. 


Posted by Stephen Zeoli
Jul 30, 2014 at 11:31 AM


I’m not a fan of software subscriptions, especially ones where you can no longer use the app if you stop paying.

If there’s any genuine reason that the subscription model is better for the customer it is only this: It may help the developer stay in business longer and keep on developing the product.

Even with that, it may be counter productive for the user. The developer may have less incentive to improve the product once it is subscription based, as a opposed to continually adding features and improvements to be able to charge an upgrade fee.

Unfortunately, subscriptions seem to be where the industry is heading.

Steve Z.


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