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CRIMP Defined




TreeProjects on BitsDuJour

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Posted by terry
Apr 22, 2014 at 05:34 PM


I bought the program sight unseen, since I was at work and would not be home before the special expired.  It’s a nice program, it certainly ties into Microsoft Word and Excel very well and the preview mode is great.  The import and export functions are great - much better than most similar programs I’ve used. 

I haven’t had time to really exercise the Search functionality but it does seem faster than the other programs I use.

The downside for me, and the reason it won’t replace RightNote as my main organizer is that it is extremely slow on usb.  I brought it to work today on usb and can’t tell you how disappointing this is.  I could live with the program not being truly portable (although the change in user ids from computer to computer concerns me a little - I do have the folder monitoring off) but the slowness is a deal breaker.  (It’s on a PNY 16 gig flash drive. RightNote runs fine on it.)

Also, when you copy and paste mixed text and graphics into a new Rich Text note, it loses -all- the formatting and graphics. But if you open it from the program into Word (nice to be able to do that!) and copy it, you get everything and it comes back in and saves correctly.  It’s a hassle though.  (At work I can’t use the new HTML file as the proxies block pulling the web page.)

TreeProjects could be very useful for someone who would like that MS integration but doesn’t want to be so locked into OneNote - and who only needs portability occasionally. 


Posted by terry
Apr 23, 2014 at 06:48 PM


I forgot to add that the built-in revision control was really interesting - a really unique feature.  If the program was tweaked a little, it would be great for writers.  Scrivener kind of owns that space and it’s not an easy tool to master.

Coders, though, not as much, unless you wanted to add a new file type for source and line numbers, etc.


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