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Android Outliner now can sync via OPML

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Posted by Lucas
Jan 20, 2014 at 07:29 PM


I mentioned in a recent post on the “OneNote lovers on MacOS” thread that I was still looking for a good way to sync outlines between Android and my Mac. Alexander Deliyannis pointed out that Dropbox is generally best for such syncing. Well, now it turns out that, as of two weeks ago, Android Outliner now can sync via the OPML format, both through Dropbox and also via USB (which is good for me since I often don’t have internet). I think it’s a “Pro” feature. See here:


This way, I can edit outlines both on- and off-line on both my Mac and on Android. (And with a little tweaking, I suppose I could sync the Dropbox folder so as to access the outlines via Fargo as well, for when I have neither my Android nor my Mac.)

I don’t love the Android Outliner interface (an issue that’s been mentioned here before), but I’m going to try it out.

(Android Outliner can also sync with Bonsai, apparently.)


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