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UltraRecall...Missing Features

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Posted by cnewtonne
Jul 31, 2006 at 12:16 AM


I recently bought UR and would like to provoke user minds on how to do certain tasks that I find missing from UR…

1) One thing I do daily is research a certain topic. As I do this, I visit so many sites sometimes up 100. Out of all, I end up collecting x number of snippets. Some are big and others are few lines long. Having collected this many, I’m faced with these 2 major restrictions ...
- can not append snippets as you collect
- can not merge (you can only text type).
Now, how good having all these collections if I you can not append it to existing ones or merge it for a cleanup?


Posted by Alexander Deliyannis
Jul 31, 2006 at 05:38 PM


Frankly, I don’t think that UltraRecall is the best tool to use for that kind of work.

Personally, I rely on Brainstorm for collecting organising text snippets of information, including URLs. Switch on MagicPaste and anything you copy to the clipboard will go into Brainstorm. You can use a Firefox plug-in to copy URLs along with the selected text.

When you’re through collecting, merging / outlining / organising your entries is a piece of cake thanks to Brainstorm’s multitude of features.

I mention this here in particular because I find that Brainstorm makes an excellent partner to UltraRecall. I have a “Notes” Brainstorm file at the beginning of each project file I maintain within UltraRecall where I keep whatever I can gather on the project.

UltraRecall is a brilliant Swiss army knife but, like all Swiss army knives, there are some things better left to more specialised tools. Text gathering is one of them; checklists are another (see my previous note on ListPro).



Posted by cnewtonne
Aug 2, 2006 at 03:37 AM


I see.
I have used Mybase for years now and I was happy with it (still am ).However,I wanted a tool to manage my tasks so that I can aggregate all task related resources in one place. This includes emails, web resources, and local files. MB does not do a good job with this since it poorly integrates with outlook. I liked UR’s ability to copy OL items with a single click. I just could not resist it. However, as I started working with UR, I hit this severe restriction (for my usage) where I could not concatenate or append web clippings. It really amazes me how can features like this escape developer’s feature list.

So my over all process now starts from the task. Once done, I grab my clippings and do a final edit on them. This includes concatenating, cleaning, formatting them into one final article. This article finally moves to its final destination in MyBase.

To accomplish above, I use MBase, UR, Clipmate, and net snippets. For a moment I thought I will be able to do all in UR, but I was mistaken.

Both net snippets and Clipmate do a great job attaching user-configurable fields to a clipping such as date, time,URL, and user defined ones.

I will give brainstorm a try, however.

Thanks fo the reply.


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